Big brothers canary

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A good dinner party stopped, the crowd gathered together, the older and Cao Jian stood together

A good dinner party stopped, the crowd gathered together, the older and Cao Jian stood together, asked what was going on, most of the young people were surrounded by a circle with the mentality of watching the fun. See, the pride of being an aristocrat, have you forgotten? Cao Jian a face hate iron does not become steel appearance, under the traditional aristocratic education, why can have Li Wenyuan this kind of self-depraved person to appear? "Of course not!"! And I always keep it in my heart, so what does wearing a beautiful dress have to do with aristocratic pride? He has long been dissatisfied, these old-fashioned people use aristocratic pride to demand these young people, but they are so lax about themselves, why? Besides, now that the royal family is dead, why do you still keep the so-called aristocratic pride? Who admitted it? Zheng, Xie, Qi, Linxia Villa these forces, which one is not more like aristocrats than them? At most, they are puffing up their faces and pretending to be fat. They have nothing to show off, but they still want to show off, and they are not allowed to say anything. As a nobleman, don't you feel ashamed to wear the same clothes as the common people? The elder pointed at Li Wenyuan and his hands were shaking. Li Wenyuan stood up in their incredulous eyes and patted the earth on his knees. "Don't you feel ashamed to wear the same clothes as the common people as an aristocrat?" Changed this word an order,Flush valve price, returned again, he says again: "Still have this kneel ceremony!"! It's really speechless. In previous years, it was the etiquette of the common people to see the nobles. Now, if no common people come to kneel down, they will come to torment us young people, won't they? Li Wenyuan's words really touched the hearts of young people. Clothes and so on can be accepted, only the old-fashioned dinner is more strict, the rest of the time is mostly blind eye to muddle through,Stainless Steel Toilet China, only this kneeling ceremony is the most unacceptable. Especially when they grow up and come into contact with the outside world, if others don't kneel, they will kneel. Why? In their teens and twenties, when their self-esteem is high, they are not required to kneel down. Now that the common people in the outside world do not have this ceremony, it is very humiliating. That's the rule handed down by our ancestors! The elder retorted feebly. Ancestor? As soon as Li Wenyuan raised his eyebrows, he took a glass from the table and threw it to the ground. The sound of the broken glass was particularly loud in the banquet hall. "The throne handed down by our ancestors is gone. Why do we still have some broken rules?"? If you don't learn good things, you can remember the rules clearly! Aristocrats have special schools to learn the rules of etiquette and the glory of the past. Everyone here has studied there, but Li Wenyuan has not. When it was time to study, he had a serious illness, the school did not accept, there was no way to go to school outside, the aristocratic young master with airs came to the outside world, was fascinated by the freedom of the outside world, but also learned a lot of other things, such as the fall of the royal family, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the aristocracy just lingered on. And they just live in the peace that the elders whitewash. A self-confident circle that does not accept the impact of new things from the outside world can not last long. This idea is more clear after he met Xie Tang three people, he is a few years older than Xie Tang, but has not touched the family business until now. And Hsieh Tang's coming-of-age ceremony at the age of 18 was the position of the president of the Hsieh family. At that time, the aristocratic circle was full of cynicism and gambling that he could not do it well, and even some people blocked him. What was the result? The current status of Xie's group is enough to prove everything. And them? Still under the control of the elders at home, eating, drinking and playing are all available, but they can't get in touch with the business at home. Even if they offer to work, they will be told by the elders, where are the nobles working for others? And the result? Under the leadership of Xie Tang, the Xie family, including the whole circle, has begun to rot from the roots. Li Wenyuan, 27 years old, has not earned a penny of his own money, which is given by the elders of his family. But was it like this before? Not really. There are quite a few aristocrats who have been in charge of their family's business since they were teenagers, and there are records in school books. When they were young, the older ones watched and experienced, and when the older ones were gone, the younger ones would not panic. Xie, Zheng and Qi are all like this, but the origin of this rule has been changed. When the older ones are gone and the younger ones become the older ones, they begin to manage business. How can they manage it well? The more Li Wenyuan and many young people thought about it, the more sad and angry they became. It was too unfortunate when they were born. They just caught up with the weakest time of the aristocracy. They had never seen any aristocratic demeanor. They only knew how to keep these broken rules. Why? Most of the dozens of aristocrats here are models of puffing up their faces and pretending to be fat. With internal and external troubles, what's the use of keeping the name of the aristocracy? Also do not see others out of this circle, now mix how well! He held back for too long, a call thrown out, regardless of the consequences, pulled his father who was still in the circle and left. Before going out, he put down a sentence, "From today on, my Li family is not an aristocrat, and it has nothing to do with you." Li Mingliang, Li Wenyuan's father, is also old-fashioned, but when his son stood there questioning, he also asked himself from the bottom of his heart, is what they are doing now really right? When Li Wenyuan pulled him out and put down that sentence, he felt relieved, as if the stone that had been pressing on his heart had been put down. Son, well done! He patted Li Wenyuan on the shoulder from the bottom of his heart. The child who had been under his wing had grown up, Li Mingliang said with emotion. Li Wenyuan was a little flustered. "Father, don't you blame me?" With his understanding of his father, although one day he would accept it, he would not accept it so quickly. How could it be different from what he thought? Li Mingliang looked back at the brightly lit banquet hall. "What's so strange?"? And I want to thank you for saving our family from the muck. Compared with young people like Li Wenyuan, middle-aged housekeepers like Li Mingliang are under more pressure because the family's finances are clear at a glance. The monthly cost of the dress alone is not a small sum of money, as well as to attend the dinner, which is to pay. Aristocratic rules are still many, many businesses are not allowed to touch, go out to work for others can not,Manual Flush Valve, the family financial deficit has long been, if it goes on like this, sooner or later to sell family property to subsidize the family. And there are many people like his family.