The Very Best Postpartum Shapewear for Comfortable and Effective Support and Gentle Compression

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The Very Best Postpartum Shapewear for Comfortable and Effective Support and Gentle Compression

The best postpartum shapewear can aid in your recuperation while also assisting you in looking and feeling your very best after giving birth.

There is no way around the fact that having a child requires a lot of effort on your part. This time of life may be a whirlwind, to say the least! This stage of life can be a whirlwind after nine months or more of preparation for a baby, the actual delivery, and post-birth recovery.When you become a new parent, your body goes through a number of physical changes in addition to the emotional ups and downs that come along with it. It goes without saying that everybody is attractive, but after having a kid, it might be difficult for some individuals to restore their confidence in their appearance. Postpartum shapewear may help new mothers look and feel their best, in addition to assisting in the healing process. This is despite the fact that postpartum shapewear is by no means a panacea for all problems.

Many maternity clothing designers are taking notice of the fact that shapewear is now experiencing a major fashion moment. New mothers have a wide variety of choices available to them, ranging from belly wraps and super-supportive undergarments to leggings that give minimal compression and everything in between. Continue reading to find out more about the postpartum shapewear options that are available and to learn about some of our favourite brands.

The Benefits of Wearing Shapewear After Childbirth

Since the days when it consisted of unattractive, beige undergarments that women buried in the back of their drawers, shapewear has come a long way. As a result of the blurring of the lines between undergarments and outerwear in today's society, you are now able to purchase fashionable shapewear that may be integrated into your daily wardrobe (think smoothing tank tops and compression leggings). Don't get it confused, however; shapewear that promises to assist women in "bouncing back" to their size before pregnancy is a load of hooey. Shapewear that is uncomfortable and overly restrictive should be avoided by new parents, according to Maria Silver Pyanov, CPD, a certified postpartum doula and childbirth educator in Philadelphia. This is especially the case if the shapewear in question is marketed as a weight-loss wrap or waist trainer. There is no fast remedy; nevertheless, with the assistance of a well-balanced diet and some little exercise, your body will become better over time. Pyanov's recommendation is to keep in mind how incredible your body is by telling yourself, "You truly developed an entire person." That is not an easy accomplishment! It's normal to feel uncomfortable about the changes that will surely take place in your body. With this disclaimer in mind, new mothers may get certain advantages from wearing shapewear. Consider some of the following advantages of using postpartum shapewear:

When you wear stretchy, form-fitting shapewear under your clothes, it will stick to your body's new shape, keep everything in place, and make you look smoother.

During the postpartum period, it is common for women to wear garments such as recovery wraps and belly bands that are intended to provide support for the abdominal muscles. According to Heather Bartos, MD, an obstetrician and the medical director of Be. Women's Health and Wellness in Frisco, Texas, shapewear helps to shape the abdominal muscles and provides support during daily tasks that require core strength (think: sitting up or standing for long periods of time).

The use of postpartum shapewear has been shown to enhance posture and significantly cut down on lower back discomfort. Pyanov notes that abdominal muscles may become weaker during pregnancy and that after delivery, individuals have a tendency to overcompensate by using their back muscles. This might lead to discomfort in the lower back. During the postpartum period, compression tanks and binders not only provide a sense of comfort but also serve as a gentle reminder to contract the abdominal muscles and adopt a more upright posture.

Shapewear worn after giving birth offers gentle compression that helps to reduce swelling and pain, especially in the area around a c-section incision.

Brands of postpartum shapewear that are highly rated

The following brands provide options for maternity and postpartum wearable shapewear that are shown below.

Bandit to the Belly Diastasis recti is one of the most prevalent postpartum conditions that may be helped by using supportive belly wraps like those made by this well-known and well-regarded manufacturer. However, they also provide alternative postpartum shapewear solutions, such as smoothing briefs, sculpting girdles, and a variety of other options.

Underwear and athletic wear designed specifically for expectant and new mothers is the specialty of Blanqi Blanqi. Every piece, from tank tops to seamless underwear, is crafted from a fabric that is so buttery soft that it wicks moisture away from the skin. This helps you feel supported and cool at the same time.

The pregnancy and postpartum shapewear line offered by Leonisa is modest in size yet packs a powerful punch. This company makes innovative compression pants with a built-in belly wrap that not only gives you the support you need but is also almost impossible to see when worn under clothes.

Skims Kim Kardashian, the creator of Skims, is largely responsible for the development of the shapewear trend that is now prevalent. Even if the collection does not yet contain postpartum shapewear, the quality of the things that are available for pregnant women is exceptional, and many of the pieces may also be suitable for use by new mothers.


The Most Effective Postpartum Shaping Garments

When it comes to body-shaping apparel, the kind of fabric you choose is really crucial. The best choices, according to Bartos, are those manufactured from cotton or bamboo. Wearing a layer that is soft below something that is manufactured from a material that does not allow air to pass through it can help prevent skin discomfort. Don't be concerned about vanity size, either! "There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing support garments that are too tight," explains Bartos. "Get a size that genuinely suits you." Are you prepared to begin your search? Here are some of our top selections for postpartum shapewear that new mothers should consider purchasing.



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