Promoting Books for Success and Profits

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Every book and author is one-of-a-kind, and how to successfully promote a book is never the same way twice. As book publicists can tell you, creativity always wins over conventional, and with fierce competition, you need to have a plan. There are low and no-cost ways to publicize books but having a budget helps, and the internet is likely only part of the answer. Traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper brands) continue to have audiences and sway with target readers. Their decision to interview you or cover your book can impress readers. It would help if you had all the endorsements you can get against competitors.

One of the ways to engage with the media, especially if you're a nonfiction author, is to speak about topics currently making the news. Don't be shy about extending to related subjects and comment on things where your expertise applies. There's often a preference in the media for experts and wide-ranging interview guests. As people begin to respect your knowledge, they will likely be open to considering your book more seriously than before hearing you. Wise and experienced authors understand the opportunities and take advantage of them. It's a way to boost your visibility.

If, like most authors today, you're offering an eBook version, be promotional. All the experience so far shows eBook buyers are responsive to price promotions. They can be instrumental in the beginning as you're trying to encourage the first wave of people to buy your book. Once they do and begin talking about it, the word-of-mouth promotion will bring more buyers into the fold. By then, you can gently increase prices to improve your profit margin. Anyone involved in book marketing can attest to the power of price promotions for eBooks. If you skip them, you risk lowering your book's total sales.

As you promote your book, take a long-term view of yourself as a brand. Author branding is one of the most fundamental concepts in book PR. Readers associate you with a genre and are interested in multiple books you may write. It gives every book after your first one a head start by maintaining a group of loyal fans. Speaking of fans, before you begin writing your book, consider groups of target readers. When it comes time to plan and implement a marketing campaign, you need them clearly in mind. The way to determine key messages and pick media is based on your target readers.