What we know about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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Azeroth It appears, is more than just a world. It's also a planet-soul, i.e. it's a dormant Titan which is waiting to awaken. It is a Titan that has been dormant for a while, waiting to Titans represent their name for the wow tbc classic gold universe's cosmic gods and one of the most formidable characters in Warcraft, responsible for bringing order to the universe and helping the intelligent races of the cosmos to flourish. Many years ago, while Azeroth was still young and a member from the Titans, Sargeras, learned an unforgiving truth that caused the Titan to form an army determined to destroy existence across the galaxy.

Sargeras was aware of the power of the Void A dark, destructive energy that aimed to do nothing more than to take over the universe and leave it in darkness. Sargeras also discovered that one of the main ways that the Void looked to accomplish this goal could be corrupting dormant Titan souls, and turn they into unclean Dark Titans that would threaten every aspect of the universe.

After destroying a soul which was close to being corrupted, Sargeras came to the grim conclusion that all life on earth had to be eradicated to ensure that the Void will have nothing to cause harm to. He thus formulated the armies of demons of the Burning Legion and went to war against his fellow titans.

This is why the Burning Legion has repeatedly tried to destroy World of Warcraft's planet of Azeroth, believing it a prime target for corruption. This has led to the creation by the Burning Legion of the Lich King. This is the reason why they Old Gods, sent to Azeroth through the Void and imprisoned beneath the globe's surface are so intent on destroying the life of Azeroth and the more corruption gets worse, the faster Azeroth's soul could be corrupted and awaken into an Dark Titan. The corruption that is causing the destruction is the principal motive behind Catacylsm, an event caused by Deathwing Dragon, a dragon that is driven mad by the Old god's corrupted.

It's an effective way to center the world of the game around a single location, and give an actual explanation for the numerous deadly events. Recently, World of Warcraft expansions have allowed players to explore new planets and new realms with Buy wow tbc gold, but while WoW's planet of Azeroth isn't the most pleasant environment to live on because of the constantly endangering scenarios, for those who play Blizzard's iconic MMO there's no place like home.

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