5 Top most liked PC games for the gamers

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Satta King games are the most popular games in India played by gamers. We as gamers enjoy all PC games, but our favorites are amazing ones. If you are a big fan of PC games, this article will help you to make your new choice of newly launched games this year.

Since childhood, we were fond of games, whether we play on mobile on PC. But now, the games have changed a lot and modified themselves a lot. The graphics and speed of the game have changed a lot. Online Satta King 2022 games are expanding their area digitally. Everyone loves playing online games using their strategy.

On this platform, you will know the most liked games in the world the gamers. So, head to tune in to this article. Following are the top most liked PC games:


Faridabad Satta 2022 is one of the most realistic online games played by gamers. This game is not about individuals you can play it as a team of 10 people and fight with 100 people who are also playing the as you do. All of them have to collect weapons and drinks to make them powerful. They have to kill their rivals to win this game. When you kill all of them, and at last, you are the only alive Gaziyabad Satta 2022 gamer in this game, you will win. The best award in this game is “winner winner chicken dinner”.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Disawer Satta 2022 is the best game ever. I like this game more than others. It is a free online game to download on PC. It same as PUBG perform, but there is a difference between in-game and background that attract the most. When you play any game, places excite you the most to play and find essential pieces. It has crossed about 5 million simultaneous players. You can play this game individually and with other groups.

Apex Legend

It is a multiplayer mode game where twenty-three people land on the island, and they have to search for extraordinary weapons in combat. They have to hide from the other players to save their energy and bullets to the end. At last, whoever’s team member saved that team will win the game.

League of Legend

It Gali Satta 2022 oldest game but still everyone’s favorite one. Its mode scenes, animations, actions, and graphics are amazing us every time. Every level of this game is different and creates dangerous scenes to excite you the more.


It is a digital card game played by two individuals. Players are using adjusted 30 cards, along with some unique power and chosen hero. It is a different Old Taj 2022 gaming platform where players can play on a supported device.

Play all of these Delhi Bazaar 2022 games to enjoy your life and make yourself happy and satisfied. If you are an addictive player, you should know all games to enjoy yourself. Being a player, you always have to know the latest and newly launched games to download on PC.