Types of erotic kissing you can try with Chandigarh call girls

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There are numerous types of erotic kissing that you may have heard of but never tried. So these all types of kissing you can try with chandigarh call girls




In having sex, your mouth, teeth, tongue and saliva play a crucial role because these parts are considered the best intimate parts which are capable of arousing a lot of pleasure. Sexual kissing is the only foreplay technique which leads normal sex to advanced and finest sex. You may have heard about many sexual kissing but not once have you ever tried it in your life. However, if you truly desire to try out many types of erotic kissing then our chandigarh call girls are here to make that fantasy into reality. But there is still one question popping out in your mind how many types of sexual kissing are there? And more significantly, why does this erotic kissing makes sex more exciting and thrilling?


The best sexual kiss relies on the location of the body where it is delivered, the movements of your tongue, the amount of pressure and how much saliva you used. Just by shutting your visions and visualising them, you will be able to feel the kindle of the spark. Just after one kiss, it is feasible to describe and exemplify a group of sensations and feelings. And with the company of Independent Escort in Chandigarh  you can enjoy this sensual kiss in a more erotic manner. These girls are the best kissers that you have ever met, these chicks are responsible to drench many lips and arousing many libidos.


In many movies, series and romantic stories you have seen multiple types of kisses. These kisses can vary from the sweetest kisses on the cheek to aroused kisses on the lips corner and neck. There are many erotic kisses that you can try out with our Escorts Services In Chandigarh. These girls will teach you every kiss in a highly-erotic manner.

Types of erotic kissing you should try with  call girls


White Kiss 

A White kiss is a new trend that is immensely popular amongst sex addicts. As its name suggested this kiss is practised from mouth to mouth while your female partner’s mouth is full of semen. The white kiss can be performed, after oral sex. Our

Chandigarh Escorts are the best cock massagers so performing white kiss is also a great idea with them


Red sexual kissing

Just like the white kiss this type of sexual kissing is also performed after attempting oral sex. But this time this will be your turn to kiss a female’s genitals.


Rainbow Kiss

This erotic kiss is one of the least known kisses in the world. This kiss is also performed after oral sex. In a rainbow kiss, the male partner goes down on his female partner during her period in the 69 position and they kiss each other’s genitals. Once they both ejaculated in each other’s mouth then they start to kiss, mixing menstrual blood and semen.


Eskimo or Polynesian Kiss

This kiss also does not involve your mouth but without a doubt, this is one of the cutest ways of kissing. Our independent  escorts in chandigarh are the best choice to perform this kiss as it makes both of you more excited. This kiss is simple and sweet as it only involves rubbing each other’s noses as a signal of love.


French kiss

This kiss is a well-known kiss around the world and most of you probably applied this technique to your partner. The French kiss is beginner-friendly and specially made for those who are just beginning to kiss. The lots of involvement of your tongue is a must in this french kiss and this kiss is not only legible to apply during foreplay but also you can attempt this kiss in any situation such as at a party, in your house, in the park etc.


Lizard Kiss

The Lizard kiss is very similar to the French kiss, however, the only difference is that only tongue involvement is legible in this kiss. Our escorts Chandigarh  are wild when it comes to having sex barbarically so the Lizard kiss is a perfect fit for those who prefer wildness in kissing.

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