World of Warcraft.3.5 Patch Notes New FeaturesA SCALING World

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As you're probably WoTLK Classic Gold aware, before this update, WoW's levelling system placed new players into a starting zone between levels 1-10. or around. Following that, they'd be moved on to higher level area within certain level brackets. But now, as explained by Kotaku the first area is now level-scaling to levels 1-20. When you're at the level of 10. you are able to move to many other zones that range in levels from 10-60. Following that new zones will be available after every five levels. The process is more complex than that, and it's possible to read the full description of the new level-scaling system here at WoWhead.

The new WoW patch is more beyond just introducing a new system for level-scaling. It also enhances the in-game S.E.L.F.I.E. camera easier to get and also adds additional filters to it. The new Battleground, Seething Shore, is also included, as well as there are some improvements in WoW's various classes too. You can find the complete notes of the patch below, as found on WoW's site.

WoW's next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, will launch later this calendar year to PC. Go through P2Pah's comprehensive cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold report here for more details about it.

World of Warcraft.3.5 Patch Notes New FeaturesA SCALING World

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