World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth Features Overview

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World of Warcraft , one of the most lastingly popular and enjoyable MMOs in the time of the genre has been the most fundamentally defined it, continues to be a success and is slated to get a brand new expansion called Battle for Azeroth, coming this summer. P2Pah recently had the chance to talk with senior game developer Paul Kubit and producer Shani Edwards about two major innovations in the game and its expansion that are level-scaling and Allied Races.

The ability to scale up your level within World of Warcraft was added in the latest 7.3.5 patch that is available to all players. Prior to this, it was only available in Legion's zones the feature is now available to players across all games. It means that the difficulty of quests and creatures increase according to the player's level. This means that you are able to party and have fun with your friends regardless of your level, while earning rewards that are appropriate to your level for your achievements.

World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth Features Overview

Kubit said to P2Pah that players have been very responsive so far with the new level-scaling system. He added that it is a good moment to make it available more widely , with the new Allied races available now and the expansion buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold coming in the near future. Leveling up was a problem that could be fixed and could result in gaming experiences that weren't as enjoyable and engaging as they could have been, Kubit acknowledged.

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