A Research Essay on “Impacts of Covid-19”- Tips and Samples

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It is purely based on research and requires a hefty amount of work from the writer. It takes a lot of mental effort to write a good dissertation.

An essay writer knows how difficult it can be to work on a research essay. Owing to the fact that these essays come with their fair share of difficulties. The thesis dissertation is one of the most important pieces of paper of your whole career. It is purely based on research and requires a hefty amount of work from the writer. It takes a lot of mental effort to write a good dissertation.


Due to the amount of pressure that exists in the activity of research, many people opt to hire other people to work on their essays or even dissertations. Any good essay writing service can help students at a different range of prices. The companies that are trustworthy and provide a good product charge more than the ones that do an average job on your paper. Cheap ones are usually not that trustworthy and their product is average and at times contains plagiarised content.


Sometimes students do not want external help and they think “how do I write my essay? Well, we are here for that. Just read on to find out more. 


A research paper or essay is a piece of work that requires the student to come up with an idea in their relevant subject, compare what other authors have said about it, analyze their comments and ideas, and then either use them to support their own work or negate the idea that they came up with.


An essay writer begins by brainstorming the topic, they frame a whole scenario around the topic. They have to construct a whole situation, what happened in the said situation, how people reacted to it, what was the impact of that particular situation on the minds and the lives of the people, and how it impacted the world. A research essay is not a mere piece of work, it entails a number of factors with it. As an example, we can take ‘Impacts of Covid’ as our sample and see how we can work on this topic.


Over the past year and a few months, the coronavirus has changed the dynamics of the world. The world that was so used to going out, visiting sites, going to eat out at a restaurant, etc, is now stuck in their homes. Coronavirus limited human interaction to a minimum, people were not allowed to see their loved ones. Many people lost their jobs, their houses, and, most devastating of all, their loved ones.


In the past, the world has dealt with pandemics but this is not just a health crisis but rather a human, social, and economic crisis. This pandemic affected people who are living in poverty, the elderly people, the disabled people, and the youth. In the beginning, according to the research, the virus was mainly transmitted through poor people, i.e. especially people on the streets as they did not have a safe place to protect themselves and hence are exposed to the deadly virus. Among these are people who do not have access to clean water e.g. refugees, and displaced persons, who are living outside in tents without access to clean food and water and are likely to suffer from the virus.


The Covid pandemic has harmed the people who are already living in poverty but has also threatened to push millions of people into poverty. According to the World Bank Group, around 88 million more people have been pushed into poverty this year because of the virus. Although it could get to 115 million if we consider the worst-case scenario.


Other than impacting the lives of poor people, the pandemic hit has greatly affected economic growth. The restrictions were enacted to control the virus from spreading and in the long run to alleviate the burden on hospitals, had an adverse effect on the economy. According to the Global Economic Prospects, the coronavirus triggered an epidemic like no one has ever seen before. The debilitating effects of this virus on the economy are being compared to that of at the time of the Second World War. The GEP predicted that in the following year, the per capita income would shrink which would result in pushing millions of people into extreme poverty.


This pandemic has also impacted businesses and jobs greatly. It has slowed down businesses and has put companies around the world under immense strain. These companies are facing the fear of falling into arrears, either half or full. Many companies fired a number of their employees to keep the company running. According to Business Pulse Surveys, there were several companies that were trying to keep all their staff on board and refused to them go. If you are busy with other assignments you can hire an expert to write my paper.


This is a small glimmer of hope on a dark night. A number of companies have shifted to using digital technology to keep working even when facing a pandemic. However, the same survey showed that the sales of the companies have dropped by almost 50%, which forced them to reduce the work hours and wages as well. While on the other hand, businesses are also facing losses, and especially in developing countries, businesses are failing to acquire public support. 


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