White Moonlight [ancient through modern]

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"Buy whatever you want, will Alipay and WeChat use it?" "Yes." "Don't chat with strangers,

"Buy whatever you want, will Alipay and WeChat use it?" "Yes." "Don't chat with strangers, don't scan the QR code and add WeChat casually, don't go shopping too late, it's cold outside, go home early, there's milk in the refrigerator, heat it up before going to bed." "Well, I'm already on my way home." …… Su Kite hung up the phone and noticed that Zhong Yi and Tao Sangqi were staring at her. She put her cell phone back in her bag and asked strangely, "What's wrong?" Zhong Yi couldn't help laughing out loud, the real version of the overbearing president's little wife? Tao Sang glanced at the clock and said with a light smile, "You and Mr. Cheng really have a good relationship." Su Kite hung her head, her cheeks were red, and she was a little embarrassed. She was a little girl who was completely in love. Zhong Yi commented on other people's bad feelings. She turned on her mobile phone and brushed her micro-blog low curse: "***, it's a hot search again. I know nothing about the power of mulberry leaf girls." …… The bizarre lights of the bar were on and off, the music was loud, men and women danced with the rhythm of the music on the dance floor, Cheng Yun drank a lot of wine, was so noisy that he had a headache and lay on the leather sofa with his eyes closed. Zhang Yue changed the female companion again, eighteen lines of florets, sitting on his lap, winking and licking the wine stains on his mouth: "Cheng Shao, who provoked you again?"? It's no fun drinking alone. I left you a good one. As soon as he snapped his fingers, a middle-aged man pushed a woman over and said, "Go and propose a toast to Cheng Shao." Chu Ying stood in place with an expressionless face and did not move. His agent Hu Kun gnashed his teeth and said, "We can't afford to offend any of the people here. Do you still want to mix in the circle?" Zhang Yue couldn't keep his face down. "The shelf is big enough,socket screw plug," he sneered. "Who will take Joe with you?" Hu Kun made amends with a smile: "Chu Chu caught up with four or five announcements in a row, and his body was a little uncomfortable. These three glasses of wine were for me to make amends for everyone." Eighteen thread florets, wearing a Burgundy tight thread-woven dress, lie on Zhang Yue's chest and squint at Chu Ying, with provocative and disdainful eyes. The iceberg beauty, who is regarded as the goddess of temperament by fans, is not the same as her. Who is better than who. Hu Kun dragged Chu Ying to sit beside Cheng Yun and said in a low voice, "Ancestor, this is the prince of Huayue. Can you smile?"? If someone else, even if you are willing to accompany me, will not let you pull down the price to accompany me to drink, this man you serve well is not what resources you want to have what resources, acting in "" is his word, Investment casting parts ,titanium machining parts, the problem of money is not solved? The man on the sofa was wearing an ice-blue shirt. The buttons at the collar were unbuttoned to reveal two thin collarbones. The impeccable facial features were hidden in the shadows, and only the perfect jaw line could be seen. Chu Ying's palms oozed a thin layer of sweat, and her heart beat very fast: "Cheng Shao, drink." Zhang Yue smiled, "You can't even toast. Amy, please teach her." Cheng Yun put his hand on his forehead, opened his eyes and looked at Chu Ying irritably. She combed her simple ball hair and wore a white sweater and light-colored jeans. Her eyebrows and eyes were five or six points similar to Su Kite's. He was drunk and dazed. Su Kite's words swirled in his ears, "Do you want me to be an actor who leans on the railing to sell laughter?" "I don't know what I did wrong to let the Childe humiliate me so much." 。 The entertainment circle looks bright and beautiful, and there are many dirty things behind the scenes. Now I think it's not to send the innocent and pure rabbit to the tiger's mouth. If one day Guan Guan is forced to do this kind of thing, he can't stand it just thinking about it. Come on, I have a headache after drinking. Cheng Yun sat up and relaxed his muscles and bones. "Do you still want to go to GX Club? If not, I'll go home and sleep." "Go, go, go. How can I not go? I just wanted to ask you, but I didn't dare to ask for fear of spoiling your interest." Cheng Yun took out a business card and threw it to Chu Ying, who was frozen in midair with a glass of wine: "I saw the audition last time, and it was OK. Lin An borrowed Huayue's venue to train the cast of" ". You take my business card to find him. The heroine has no chance. Pick one of the other undecided roles to audition.". Don't come to this kind of place if you can't. Looking at this face similar to that of Guan Guan, he could not say that he could not respond to it in his heart. Zhang Yue caught up with him and said with a cheeky smile, "I knew you liked this one. It looks like this." Tut-tut, it's hard to hold on to it. ” Cheng Yun said sarcastically, "Just her?"? Not even half as good as my wife. "Are you serious with that woman?" At four o'clock in the morning, the cold wind in S city was biting, and almost no one could be seen except for the cars coming and going. Cheng Yun pulled Zhang Yue's arm down, displeased: "Nonsense. Love without the purpose of marriage is hooliganism." "Rumor has it that you spent 20 million yuan in Nancheng Mansion for Bo Meiren Yixiao. Which celestial being has fascinated us Cheng Shao?" Cheng Yun unconsciously showed a gentle smile: "She likes the New Year gift for her very much." Zhang Yue looked at his smile and thought that he had drunk too much and had hallucinations. It was only a few days ago. Who had such a powerful ability to receive Cheng Yun obediently? Besides, 20 million gifts, who didn't like who was a fool: "If you have time, bring your sister-in-law out to get together and let us know each other." "Why do you know each other?" Cheng Yun warned, "Don't call me on this occasion, let my wife misunderstand, what if I can't explain clearly?" “……” While waiting for the driver to pick up the car, Cheng Yun heard someone whispering something, the louder he said, smoking with his fingers and dancing with joy. Cheng Yun? Just him? A bag of wine and rice, also can play with fists, no Huayue, no Jiang family, what is he? He's nothing. He's not even good enough to be a janitor in a bar. Another person chimed in: "Cheng Qingrang was hospitalized, and Hua Yue was completely destroyed in his hands." That person sneers: "Hua Yue fell, who still goes to serve his that young master temper.". According to Huayue insiders, Huayue's overseas market is heavily in debt, which is transferred by Cheng's family assets. Tut, Cheng Qingrang, the richest man in S city next year,car radiator cap, is afraid to abdicate. "Cheng Dashao can't even read the company's statements." "Huayue's money is enough for him to spend his whole life, but he's not as beautiful as he is now. Who would let him be reincarnated?" …… Zhang Yue listened so pale that he was afraid that Cheng Yun could not control the two mouths and beat them to death, although he admitted that it was true that the words were not good. autoparts-dx.com

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