Underworld Student 6 The Return of the King

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He was afraid that the rope of the swing would suddenly break and Chen Liunian would die in the abyss.

He was afraid that the rope of the swing would suddenly break and Chen Liunian would die in the abyss. Quite, the body unexpectedly also came to a 3600 spin above the abyss. "Is this guy crazy?" Tong Xiaoba's eyes are straight. Chen Liunian's action makes everyone's heartstrings like missiles are buckled tightly, and everyone will collapse if they are slightly sent down! But It was Chen Liunian who played a big joke again. After spinning, he sat on the swing and quickly grabbed the ropes on both sides. Seeing drops of cold sweat trickling down his face, it was obvious that he was also frightened, even by such a cynical guy. Deep Zhen Cheng like this, if Zhou Xiaoba and others in the past, it is estimated that before touching the second swing, has gone to the West to report. "It's really a test of endurance!" Chen Liunian tore open the button of the cotton-padded jacket, only to see that the shirt inside had been soaked with sweat. Yes, showing an excellent figure, "swing is nothing, as long as the body is a little flexible, it is not difficult to come over, the key is." At the moment of crossing the abyss, the sense of oppression, the real fear is actually not terrible, but the unknown fear is the most frightening. Frightened. The fat man sniffed and said, "How many meters is the distance of the swing?" "Oh, I forgot to mention it." I really admire Chen Liunian for daring to sit on the swing and smoke, but I can see that he also Is afraid of not light, holding the cigarette butt in the hand straight trembling, "the distance here looks far,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but personally feel the words should be." Only about 25 meters, the ordinary step is half a meter, with the help of the swing, it is not difficult to come over, according to me. Just now, this method, to be honest, I don't like this method very much. Die. Li Jiayao smiled bitterly according to the method you just used. I guess I haven't met the second swing yet, and I'm going to be Chen Liunian's eyes narrowed,fenugreek saponins, locked Li Jiayao, "since you are so afraid, then you come first how to rest assured." Ok, I will meet you behind every swing, my hand will not let you fall, even if I fall, you also. Unable "Are you kidding me? I wouldn't believe you, a guy who values human life more than grass." Li Jiayao watched warily. Chen Liunian said, "How do I know if you will throw me down because of your selfishness?" "So now I am a person who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal in your limit? 7 has been positioned? 7" Chen Liu Nian asked bluntly. Although everybody is more silent, but the answer of this kind of silence is: acquiesce. "Li Jiayao, do you jump or not? If you don't jump, I will kill you first now. I want to kill people. No one can." Block Chen Liunian suddenly said very strongly, with no room for negotiation in his tone, "I will take you slowly from that." Push down the tree, let you fully feel what is called fear, of course, lutein eye complex ,tannic acid astringent, you have another way to go, that is now. Start jumping at once. This was full of murderous words that made Li Jiayao's body shiver, and then her eyes turned red and she was about to cry. Come on, "Chen Liunian, have you ever thought about other people's feelings? Do you think people all over the world are supermen like you?" Men's desire to protect women was revealed in an instant. Zhou Xiaoba looked at Chen Liunian ferociously. "What's the matter with me?" I'm not trying to scare her, I'm just trying to teach her how to overcome fear. Human beings are always making mistakes to escape, always seeing. After the fear to escape, always after the failure to escape, what can escape? 7 might as well change a mood to see, in fact, this is also It's no big deal, Li Jiayao. If you believe me, I will let you live. The choice is in your hands. Chen Liunian said earnestly. Hum, is only a vampire, unexpectedly also where boastfully that talks about the philosophy of life. Zhou Xiaoba is right Sniffed at this. Hearing these serious words, Li Jiayao's pupils became normal again. She took a deep breath and walked slowly in. Before, I mean before, I thought I would use my personal opinion to refute her when I heard something, but Sometimes I experienced some things, I found that I was very disgusted with the words, but it is the portrayal of life, is like that. Hit the nail on the head, although I don't know if I will die, but this time, I choose to believe you. "As it should be." Chen Liunian turned up a smile at the corners of his mouth. I want to live and stop running away. Li Jiayao grabbed the swing with both hands, and Si Jiayao's eyes flew down. We suddenly saw that the flower of life blossomed so brilliantly and strikingly on a girl! Maybe Li Jiayao is dancing. The moment I went down, I suddenly knew that there were some things that you didn't face, although it was right, but no matter what. Love happens, you have to face him, you don't have to be afraid of him, because big things will eventually return to calm, and you are still. Yours, but your heart, has been reborn! Li Jiayao's struggle really made her stand up, and she felt when the warm hands caught her. To the unprecedented sense of security and vitality, even a long dead vampire Yu efforts to get more refined life. Cai, what can we complain about? If you feel that you are not happy, can not blame anyone, only blame you do not know how to meet it, bricks and tiles, Si Xiaofang. Do not ask for luxury, just to warm the heart, a meal of vegetables, the warmth of the hand, not for delicacies, just for spiritual happiness. Decision, a choice, sounds insignificant, but it can change personal life, Chen Liunian gave Li Jiayao a lesson. The real fear is yourself. Even a girl was so brave that she began to run for hope,best green coffee bean extract, not to mention that the girl was a coward. Only know the money of black fungus, as a man if not jump that is really not justified, looking at Li Jiayao and Chen Liunian in front. prius-biotech.com

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