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Fortunately, when Ruan Xian died, he was buried with a pipa instrument, making him one of

Fortunately, when Ruan Xian died, he was buried with a pipa instrument, making him one of the few great musicians in the history of Chinese music who can be remembered. After 500 years of burial from the Western Jin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, during the Kaiyuan reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, someone excavated a bronze round musical instrument in an ancient tomb. It was only after textual research by yuan Xingchong, a scholar of Hongwenguan, that it was proved to be a relic of Ruan Xian. After five hundred years of burial, this home pipa was no longer usable. yuan Xingchong asked a skilled musician to imitate a wooden instrument according to its style, which was called "Yueqin". The tone was bright and elegant, and it has been handed down to this day. It not only became a musical instrument in the court, but also became the most commonly used musical instrument among the people. During the reign of Emperor Dezong of the Tang Dynasty, the famous scholar Du Jiao, in view of the fact that "Yueqin" was originally created by Ruan Xian, named it "Ruan Xian" in memory of his legacy. Since then, all Chinese pipa instruments have been given the alias of "Ruan Xian", and Ruan Xian has been immortalized with the history of Chinese music. The story of Ruan Xian and Pipa is suitable for association. After time and space, although we are not lucky enough to hear the sound of Ruan Xian's string and bamboo again, we can feel the immortality of a great artistic soul. Even though the greatness of the artistic soul has been underground for hundreds of years, even though the strings of the instruments in his hands are rotten, they can still shine in time and space. When Ruan Xian died,drum spill containment, he was buried with a pipa as his only bosom friend, and this artistic feeling made him always memorable. For thousands of years, the famous song "Guangling San", which is regarded as the highest realm of Chinese music, is the creation of Ruan Xian. With the death of Ruan Xian, "Guangling San" has become the last sound of Chinese music. We now look at the vast land and listen to the footsteps of history. Under the moon in the summer night, we seem to see Ruan Xian playing Yueqin under the bamboo forest for self-entertainment, or with Ji Kang's Guqin (Ji Kang is a master of Guqin. When the sound of the zither stopped abruptly,plastic pallet bin, they drank and sang wildly, talking about the sage's Ming religion and the nature of Laozi and Zhuangzi, and then sighed, "How can the ceremony be set up for our generation?" What kind of realm is that? That is the realm of "resisting things and not serving people", the realm of "I am drunk and want to sleep and go, the Ming Dynasty intends to hold the piano", and the realm of, "fame is a play, not aware of the negative life". Ruan Xian's musical talent was almost innate. Even at a very young age, he was known as the "God of music". Any music that came to his ears immediately distinguished between high and low, clear and muddy, and was not pleasant at all. Therefore, not only could he make people intoxicated when he played the Yueqin, but he was also a musical critic with an unparalleled appreciation of music. Unexpectedly, his music criticism offended Gou Xun, mobile garbage bin ,foldable bulk container, a high-ranking official in charge of the national music administration, who slandered Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty and removed Ruan Xian from his official position. When Ruan Xian lost his official position, his official position was "Sanqi Shilang". We do not need textual research to explain this title, but use aesthetic feeling to associate it, as if we saw an outstanding wandering piano player riding a donkey playing the piano and singing everywhere. In fact, Ruan Xian was very contemptuous of the etiquette and law of the world. During his mother's mourning period, he wore filial piety clothes and rode a donkey to pursue his long-cherished maidservant, which caused a great uproar among the people. At that time, it was an "incredible" thing, but now it has a particularly sad and beautiful atmosphere. Unfortunately, whether he was playing the piano and singing love songs when he was chasing the maidservant is not known. This kind of wild and unrestrained life is the most true portrayal of the artists who placed their love on Lin Quan in the Wei and Jin Dynasties. I have always believed that a man like Ruan Xian, who is unrestrained, disregards etiquette and law, plays the lute and sings wildly, and does nothing, can achieve the realm of forgetting love, but he can't forget love music. It is an unsolvable mystery to bury the pipa as a martyr. Can this "ritual solution" expect that after a thousand years, people can recall the "Guangling San" which was spread in his hands a thousand years ago from the pipa at home? Ruan Xian's inspiration to us is not only this, he and the artists at that time gave us a broad vision of the mind, that is, the mind of "taking the earth as the building, the house as the Zen clothes", because of this mind, they can experience the joy of life and send out the brilliance of art. One of my favorite stories about the "Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest" is that one day Ji Kang, Ruan Ji, Ruan Xian, Shan Tao and Liu Ling were drinking in the bamboo forest, and Wang Rong finally arrived. Ruan Ji said, "This vulgar thing has come to spoil our fun again!" Wang Rong replied, "Is your pleasure to be corrupted?" This story reveals the true artistic life of the "Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove". Look at the lute left by Ruan Xian in his grave. Although it has decayed, it will never be corrupted. Because that lute once belonged to a great artistic soul, it is doomed to never be corrupted in people's hearts. In this way, I am afraid that the lute is also intentional! September 1, 1982 wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com A thousand silver needles Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian/Tang A child in the countryside told me an interesting fairy tale, which I had never heard of, and the child did not know where it came from. Now I record it: Once upon a time there was a king who had seven daughters. Each of the seven princesses had a thousand pins for arranging their hair. Each pin was a very fine silver pin set with diamonds. It clasped on the combed hair like a shining Milky Way full of stars. One morning, when the eldest princess was combing her hair, she found that there were only 999 silver needles, one of which was missing. She was confused and annoyed, but she selfishly opened the second princess's needle box and quietly took out a needle. The second princess also stole one from the third princess because of the lack of a silver needle. The third princess was also very embarrassed to steal the fourth princess's needle. The fourth princess stole the fifth princess's, the fifth princess stole the sixth princess's, and the sixth princess also stole the seventh princess's. Finally, the seventh princess was involved. It happened that the next day the king had a distinguished guest coming from far away. The seven princesses were missing a silver needle, leaving a long hair that could not be buckled. She was anxiously looking for the silver needle with her maid all day. She even said, "If someone finds my silver needle, I will marry him." The twig outside the window heard it and said, "Use my twig to be your silver needle." But if the tree skill is too strong,heavy duty plastic pallet, the hair will stand up. The spring in the mountain heard it and said with its frozen ice, "Use this ice to make a silver needle!" " But as soon as the cold ice was inserted into the hair, it immediately dissolved into water droplets. cnplasticpallet.com

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