Luhan Luhan

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Can that grass be used to make clothes? Ye Xiaoqi held back for a long time and finally whispered, "Huh?"

Can that grass be used to make clothes? Ye Xiaoqi held back for a long time and finally whispered, "Huh?" I am stupefied, this just remembers "fur" this word is really too fashionable, pardonable he does not understand, laugh: "It is not grass, it is to use leather to make a dress. It's cold now, and it's time to rush to make a fur coat. "The little man will go back and ask someone to find some good sheepskins. Madam, you can choose first." Ye Xiaoqi hurriedly said. It's not sheepskin, it's wolf skin. I said. Ye Xiaoqi blinked and said, "Madam Hui, the fur of the wolf skin is short and hard. We used to catch wolves in the mountains and skin them. At most, we made short clothes on the top of the outside, and they were all put on by men when they went into the mountains." I frowned and said thoughtfully, "It was because I was afraid of being too rough that I asked you to find some skilled cobblers to think about it.". If you really can't do it, you can make a mattress instead of clothes. I think the soldiers in the army are very miserable in winter. One person gets a wolf skin mattress to keep warm from moisture, which can be of great use. "Wolf skin is not as soft as sheepskin, and it's rare. If everyone in the army matches one, I'm afraid there's not so much material." Ye Xiaoqi frowned and said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, "In my opinion, the sheepskin is not bad. A sheep can be slaughtered after two years. The meat can be eaten by people, and the skin can also be used." "What I want is wolf skin." I lightly tunnel: "Wolf skin is not uncommon, the grassland is more.". We have caravans that sell tea bricks on the prairie, exchange wolf skins for them, and then make them into mattresses to sell to the army. Just say hello to Lord Xiao. This is our unique business. We have something to do. "Yes." Ye Xiaoqi seemed a little puzzled. But he gave a habitual cry. I did not explain again, picked up the tea in front of me and took a sip,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but finally I was not used to the strange taste and put it down again. People in this era do not quite understand what ecological balance is. In the eyes of herdsmen, wolves are evil beasts that harm livestock. Nature gets rid of them quickly. They can't imagine for the time being that if wolves at the top of the food chain on the grassland die in large numbers. Then it will lead to the overbreeding of small herbivores, coupled with the increase in the number of cattle, horses and sheep without the threat of wolves, which will inevitably lead to a great increase in the demand for forage. The carrying capacity of the grassland is always limited if it exceeds the quota for a long time. It will lead to the degradation of grassland. If the nomadic people who rely on the grassland to survive lose the foundation on which they live, they will not be far from extinction, even if they can temporarily survive. It will also lead to division and civil strife because tribes have to compete for limited resources in order to survive. As for making mattresses and so on, they were all extended later, just to find a place for the wolf skins collected. If you can make ends meet, or even make a little money from childhood, it's not bad. I thought coldly. If we look at it from the perspective of history and development. I have done too much damage to the environment. I am afraid that the origin of future desertification is from this small wolf skin plate, but now the Huns snobbery is too strong. The Central Plains has no power to fight against it, so it can only kill people with a soft knife and play some dirty tricks. Who let me be the queen of the big fellow? I think with a slight sense of loss, stainless steel squatting pan ,Self-closing Shower Valve, in this position, it is impossible to think of harmony. Back to the residence, I saw Xiao Shang guiding Mr. and Mrs. Fan and Ruyi to practice martial arts in the courtyard. Although the wooden sword in his hand was half a man's height, the two children were very similar in every move. Originally I let Liu Fei also follow a place to learn, but the child seems to have a little psychological barrier, always do not like to stay with Ruyi, reluctantly learned a few days to slip away. But Fan was naturally good at martial arts, and pestered Xiao Shang to learn in one place. I stood in the corner and watched for a moment. Xiao Shang waited for the two children to finish a set of swords, and told them to continue to practice. Then he quickly came to see the ceremony: "I have seen the queen." "General Xiao has worked hard." "How is Ruyi learning?" I asked with a smile. "His Royal Highness's qualifications are very good." Xiao Shangdao. It sounded like something else. I smiled and said, "You have to work hard if you have a good aptitude. I haven't been around him for the past two years, and his aunt only knows how to spoil him and follow him blindly. I'm afraid it's too undisciplined.". General Xiao, Ruyi is not a prince in front of you. He is just a little disciple. He should be in charge and punished. "Yes." Xiao Shang just gave a cry. I hesitated for a moment and saw only Qiongying standing beside me. "I heard that Lord Xiao He has sent many clansmen to serve in the army in the past two years," he said. Xiao Shang looked up at me and said quietly, "Yes." "Lord Xiao He is also attentive." I smiled faintly. During the two-year war between Chu and Han, Liu Bang basically fought directly against Xiang Yu at the front, leaving the entire rear area to Xiao He. Xiao He one is to make Liu peace of mind, two is also for Xiao's family in the future development of the Han army to consider, in two years one after another recommended a lot of their clansmen to the army, but he learned internal affairs, no foundation in the army, plus these clansmen's own aptitude is not too good, so excellent is not much. Xiao Shang was silent. General Xiao, you are one of our own, and I don't have to go around with you. Lord Xiao He is thinking about the great cause of your Xiao clan for a hundred years. He and Hanwang is a small friendship, since different from others, but in case he died, and you Xiao family and no second person can hold up the beam, this future.. I paused and said, "You should be regarded as a very outstanding son in the Xiao family. You have stayed with me for so long and have the name of a general. In fact, you have no job and no power. Although you are very aggrieved, I think Lord Xiao He knows it in his heart." I looked at Xiao Shang, slowly tunnel: "Because the emperor teacher, not everyone has the opportunity to do.". You are the master of Ruyi, that is, the teacher of the future emperor, no matter how the situation changes, the power center of the future big fellow Dynasty will certainly have your seat, that is to say, there will certainly be the position of the Xiao family. Xiao Shang's face finally changed a little, and his eyes looked at me solemnly. I smiled and said, "General Xiao, I'm going to send Ruyi to General Guanying's camp in a few days.". There are too many women in this palace,Time Delay Faucet, and the smell of powder is too strong, so it is difficult to raise a responsible man. When I'm not around him, everything depends more on you. 。

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