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Soon after we came to Quwo, we discovered the shrewdness of Shanxi people. After we finished the task of building a big wall

Soon after we came to Quwo, we discovered the shrewdness of Shanxi people. After we finished the task of building a big wall, we were assigned to the brick factory where the prisoners worked, carrying earth, making bricks and burning bricks with the prisoners. My labor project at that time was to supply soil, that is, to send truckloads of soil for making blanks to the workshop for making blanks. The shrewdness of the Shanxi people lies in the fact that their design of the labor field can drain the sweat of the reform-through-labor members: a truckload of adobe earth weighs at least more than 200 catties, and there are shutters in front and back to block it. If it is matched with a wooden cover, the shape and size will be like a coffin. The wonderful thing is that when you pull the cart, you don't need someone to whip behind you, and you will pull the earth cart all the way like a galloping horse. Because you can't slow down all the way downhill, you want to be a lazy donkey or stop halfway to wipe your sweat-no way. So, when I was carrying earth to the manufacturing workshop like a running donkey, I once thought of the poem "No need to whip your own hoof". I also remembered that if I had spent a few years in the renovation of Quwo Brick Factory, I would have become an excellent long-distance runner, because it would take two miles to pull a truck of earth to the billet workshop! Take it off, wipe the sweat on your face,push button toilet flush valve, and go back immediately. The way home is all the way uphill, although there is no "self-motivated" fast, but there is the difficulty of climbing the cliff. When you go uphill, you can always stop, and there is no one to urge you. But when you pull a cart of earth, you are given a card. The card that can't speak acts as the leader of the reform-through-labor team that can't speak. It makes people dare not stop to breathe, because if they have fewer cards in their pockets,stainless steel shower tray, they will not be able to meet the quota, and they will be eaten. It can be said that there is a heavy load back and forth, and it is impossible to find a little relaxation in the reform through labor. It was only when I arrived in Shanxi that I discovered the "unique skill of reform through labor." No wonder ancient books record that many rich and powerful merchants came from here (from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were two major lineages of Shanxi merchants and Huizhou merchants)! In the memory of Quwo's reform through labor, the work of pulling earth carts was the most tiring work. At the end of the day, the bones seemed to fall apart. On the marathon assembly line of long-distance running (heavy car) and walking (empty car), the only difference between our "second reform through labor" and the big reform through labor (prisoners) is that we do not wear melon skin caps on our heads and gray prison clothes on our bodies. I remember that one day I caught a cold and the speed of the sports car slowed down a little, so I met Li Jianyuan Jun, who was a few years older than me. He panted and said: "Pulling up the earth truck reminds me of a novel." "Do you still have leisure?" I asked. A Q's mental balance method can sometimes relieve a little mental fatigue. He worked as a reporter for a newspaper before liberation, and after liberation he worked for Xinhua News Agency. During the Ming and Fang period in 1957, I don't know what advice I put forward to the Party branch. The old and new accounts were settled together, and he was sent to the reform-through-labor team. "I think of the camel Xiangzi who pulled the rickshaw. The novel says that he pulled the rickshaw tastefully. When I think of Lao She's novel, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, I often imagine that I am the camel Xiangzi." "You are so romantic." I say Romance relieves itself. He said They were running up and down the main road of old Peiping. I said, "Not to mention the sweet ringing of the car, Tigress gives him warmth!" Mr. Jianyuan said, "Don't take it seriously. This is a mental anesthesia for yourself.". Pull the earth car, try to think of something easy, not to forget the heavy load of the earth car! The reason why I can remember this detail of Jianyuan Jun's sports car is not only because I met him at Chadian Farm in Beijing. More importantly, he has a pair of eyes that are different from other "congeners". I don't know whether it is a congenital genetic factor or an acquired social sculpture. One of his eyes is big and the other is small. There is no difference between the smaller eye and the "congeners", but the larger eye often has tears. His wife, a doctor in a hospital, told him that the scientific name of his eye disease was "wind tears". As long as there was wind blowing in his face, his eyes would be like candles in the wind, and he would not stop crying. When he and I were driving side by side, even in windless weather, the wind was blowing because of the speed of the car, so his eye was always in tears. Therefore, the romantic feelings of Mr. Jianyuan when he pulled the earth cart caused my inner desolation. I deeply remembered this moment because he was wiping his tearful eyes while he was romantic. Bitter play and sweet singing-a Q spirit victory method, in the "same kind" have performed, but Jianyuan Jun's contrast is the most striking. Therefore, in the days of drawing the billet car, the same kind of people gave him the nickname "Camel Xiangzi". The First Part of the Third Part (3)-The Disaster of Xiao Wall and "Dou" and "Ji" Not long after, a disaster befell Mr. Jianyuan: it was already early spring, and the wild geese returning from the north flew over the land of Jinyang, singing day and night under the tile-blue sky. I was in the same group with him at that time to build a new prison. Shanxi prison is different from Beijing prison, I do not know whether it is out of historical habits, or out of the needs of reality, the prison does not build bungalows, but build caves. It is said to be a historical habit. Shanxi has a long history of cave dwellings. From the beginning of Wang Baochuan's "Eighteen Years of Cold Kilns in Fenhe Bay" in the classical drama to the 1970s, local villagers always like to build arched cave dwellings. From the practical needs of the reform-through-labor team, the construction of cave-shaped prison numbers, surrounded by walls, with only one door and window, is conducive to preventing prisoners from escaping. After pulling the earth truck in winter, Mr. Jianyuan and I were engaged in the work of building such a prison number in spring. His bricklaying work is very good, and he works as a master of building walls. I work as a coolie for Mr. Jianyuan to throw bricks and ash under the frame board. The incident was not exposed at the labor site, nor was Xiao Qiang at the work site. One Sunday, he was washing clothes in the yard, and a disaster occurred: Fu, the "inner spear" entrusted by the leader of the reform-through-labor team to serve as the head of the strict management squad, was chatting with Jianyuan Jun by the tap water pipe that day. Jianyuan Jun said: "The other parts of the clothes are easy to wash,Service Sink Faucets, but two parts need more soap." "Which two parts?" Asked Fu. "One is the collar, the other is the cuff." Mr. Jianyuan replied, "These two parts are the dirtiest." 。 cnkexin.com

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