Border town story

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Hong Jiaojiao blinked her eyes and asked: "What will you do with us?" "The rarest thing in the desert is water.

The man in blue sat up and looked at the woman and the other man, but said nothing. Roach said, "Both of them have been punctured. They don't know anything. No matter what you say to me, they won't hear it." The man in blue finally opened his mouth and grinned: "We have come to assassinate you on the orders of Lord Hong." Roach said quietly: "Who among you knows me?" The man in blue pointed to another man: "We've both seen you." "You've seen me there?" "We are the old people of the Red Lantern Club. You went to the Yili General Hall three years ago. How can we not see it?" "But how did you know you would find me by this river?" "We've been lying in ambush around here for several days, and it's no coincidence that we met you today." Roach raised his finger and pointed to the woman: "Who is this woman?" The man in blue paused: "She.." She.. "You've told me a lot of truth. Why won't you tell me?" "I'm afraid." "Don't be afraid!"! If it's confidential, I'll keep it secret for you. If you refuse to speak, don't blame my men for being heartless. I can let you die in front of my eyes as long as I lift a finger now. The man in blue made a shiver and said: I.. Say, her name is Hong Jiaojiao! Roach oh track: "It turns out that her surname is Hong. Does it have anything to do with Hong Daquan?" "She is the niece of our Lord Hong." "Why haven't I heard that Hong Daquan has such a niece with him?" "It was only half a year ago that Miss Hong came to us from inside the Shanhaiguan Pass." "Hong Daquan must have treated her very well?" "It goes without saying that Miss Hong is not only beautiful, but also has first-class martial arts. Master Hong is single outside, and it is not easy to get such a relative. She is even closer to her than her own daughter." "In that case, why would Hong Daquan let her take the risk to do such a thing?" "It was she who volunteered to do it. Hong refused at first, but later he thought she was a woman,aluminium tile trim profiles, and you couldn't know her. If you took action, you could get a lot of convenience, so he agreed." "You two are here to assist her?" "Yes.". The two of us are mainly to lead the way for her, and the other is to identify you to her. "Why didn't you and her act together before?" "We're just helping, and if we act together,aluminum tile trim, we'll mess things up." Very good! I believe you are telling the truth. What's your name "My name is Jia Liu." "Where is your companion?" "His name is Zhao Biao." At this point, Jia Liu paused and said, "Master Luo, you just said that if I tell the truth, you can let me go. Can you let me go now?" Roach shook his head and said, "I just said it's none of your business." "Since I have nothing to do with it, I should be released." By nothing, I mean that you will no longer be held responsible for assassinating me. In fact, I could have let you go, metal trim manufacturers ,tile trim manufacturers, but that would be bad for you. "How can it be against me?" "I don't think you're stupid. If I only let you go, how can you explain to Hong Daquan when you go back?" "Of course, I will report to General Hong about the failure of Miss Hong and Zhao Biao." "If Hong Daquan asks, why are you the only one who can escape?" "I said I managed to escape." "Jia Liu, you are a pig's brain, so Hong Daquan must kill you on the spot." "What's going on?" "Hong Da said that you were running away from the battle and were afraid of death. He blamed you for Hong Jiaojiao's bad action. Even if he didn't kill you on the spot, he would kill you in a few days." "Why is that?" "I will naturally put Hong Jiaojiao and Zhao Biao back in a few days. They must say that you have revealed the secret to me. You know what kind of punishment you should receive for this crime." Jia Liu's expression changed greatly. "What do you want to do, Master Luo?" He asked? I listen to you. ” Roach way: "Now I'll put you on the acupoint again, and let the three of you wake up together later. As long as I don't reveal what we've just had, they can't know." "But if you call out the names of Miss Hong and Zhao Biao, they will know that I said it." "I will question them again.". In short, I won't let you take any responsibility. Then I will thank God. Master Luo, please touch my acupoint! Roach immediately pointed to the distant air and knocked Jia out. Then the three people's acupoints were untied, and Jia Liu's acupoints were deliberately untied. All three of them sat up quickly. Roach smiled coldly and said, "It doesn't matter if you don't tell the truth. Just sit here and rest now."! I'll deal with them one by one later. Hong Jiaojiao blinked her eyes and asked: "What will you do with us?" "The rarest thing in the desert is water. I want you to drink enough water. When you are alive, you are short of water. When you die, you will soak in water. You should thank me for this merit." Hong Jiaojiao and Zhao Biao's faces changed color in an instant. Only Jia Liu, because Roach had explained in advance, did not show a strange expression. Roach said again, "The river is not deep elsewhere. It is only about ten feet deep at the confluence nearby.". But if you can swim, you can't drown, and then you can run for your lives. It turned out that Roach had expected that the other side would not swim. This is what everyone can expect, Hong Jiaojiao is a daughter, in that era of the daughter, simply can not find a few swimming. As for Zhao Biao and Jia Liu, who have lived in the desert for a long time, they have no chance to practice swimming. Roach said so, but he stood there all the time. In fact, his purpose was nothing more than to delay the time until the evening, and then bring the three men back to the camp. This is because he did not want to capture the other three people,china tile trim, let the brothers on the North Road see, so as not to leak the news. Hong Jiaojiao and other three people could not figure out what medicine Roach was selling in the gourd, so they had to sit on the beach all the time.