Harvard referencing and formatting - a complete guide

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There are different citation and referencing styles to cite different sources in the research paper. The student must be aware of the different styles while writing a research paper. Harvard citation and formatting style is one of the most used citation styles.

It is used to cite sources in different fields of education. It seems difficult but once the student starts working with it, it becomes easy for him. A good essay writer or researcher is one who knows how to utilize different styles of referencing and formatting. It is the most basic style of referencing and formatting and all researchers must have knowledge of it.

A look at how online essay writing services can benefit you

Harvard referencing and formatting style is really challenging for the students due to the technicalities included in it. If students are unable to write a paper in Harvard referencing and formatting style, they can get paper writing service from different service providers around the world. Different online websites or writing companies consist of expert writers who can provide customized papers to students. You can hire a writer in order to get your customized paper or essay. If students possess good research skills, it is not difficult for them to develop an efficient paper. There are certain tips and techniques which students can follow to develop a good research paper. But if you are working on your research paper you should be aware of how to use the Harvard citation style. Some of the guidelines for the usage of the Harvard style are as follows:

Reference List

It is the list of all sources you have used in the paper and is added at the end of the paper. This list includes the necessary information about the source like the name of the author, year of publication, and the title of the source, etc. The reference list must be started from a separate page of the paper. The references must be arranged in alphabetical order of the author's names. If the author names are missing, then the title of the sources can be used to arrange them in alphabetical order. The list of sources must be double-spaced. essay writing service contains the full references of the sources which have been used in the in-text citation. All those sources which have been used in the paper need to be included in the reference paper. If you miss any of these sources mentioned in your paper, it can deteriorate your whole research.


In-text citations are used if you have quoted someone's work or summarized the ideas of others. In-text references are the type of references that are written within the text. In-text citation of the Harvard citation includes the surname of the author or editor, publication year, and page number. It can be written as (Alex, 2016, p. 127). If there are more than pages that you are using, write pp instead of p in the in-text citation. In-text citations are very important because this highlights that in the specific part of your research, you have utilized the work of different authors. It makes the research further strong and increases its credibility as well.

Two or Three Authors

When you have to cite two or three authors, use the surname of all authors.

(Alex, John, and Marx, 2016, p. 123)

Four or more Authors

In case you have to cite four or more authors, write the surname of the first author followed by ‘et al’. (Alex et al, 2013, p. 134)

No Author

If the author's name is not given in the source you can use the title of the source in the in-text citation.

(World War, 2014, pp. 34-56)

Citing multiple Works

If you want to cite multiple works in one parenthesis use semicolons between different references. (Alex, 2014, p. 123; Marx, 200; John, 1934, pp. 123-126)

Citing Secondary Source

In case you want to cite the secondary source first, you will write the original author which should be followed by the name of the author who has used it.

(Marx, 2001, cited in Alex, 2008, p. 123)

Citing Different Sources

The in-text citation remains the same for different sources. Follow the above-mentioned rules for all citations that would be differentiated in the reference list.

Reference with no Date

In case you have a source in which the date is not mentioned, you can simply miss the slot of the date. Write a citation without a date. (Alex, no date, p. 123)

Multiple works by the Same Author

If you have to cite the sources of the same author who has worked in the same year, use the letters a,b,c, etc. after every year. It is done in the referencing list when the sources are placed alphabetically.

(Alex, 2005a, p. 123) or (Alex, 2005b, p. 123)

All these are the most important techniques and steps associated with Harvard referencing and formatting style. If students remember all these things, it becomes easier for them to apply that style in their research. Even if you are an expert writer, you must also have knowledge of all these things included in referencing and formatting. You can follow all these steps if any student asks you to write my essay for me with the Harvard citation style. If you do not use all these steps in your paper it will lose your credibility and authenticity of working. 

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