Childcare Services Cottage Academy

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Our brand new clontarf early learning centre is state-of-the-art and pristine, built with premium grade materials to ensure your child’s home-away-from-home is exciting and safe.

The lives of young parents today include Early Learning Centres and preschools on a regular basis. Parents are looking for and requesting assistance from high-quality childcare facilities in the competitive world of today to ensure the proper upbringing and early development of their children.


The majority of parents who are seeking for childcare facilities for their children are daycare facilities, according to research.   The facility is designed specifically to care for your child and offers both full-time and part-time services. In addition to bringing kids from all backgrounds together under one roof, they also foster a sense of community and teamwork. Group activities improve team spirit. These centres base their instruction on interactive sessions, entertainment, musical performances, playtime, enjoyable activities, and taking part in international cultural festivals. By doing so, communication skills are enhanced, the child learns to tolerate and appreciate people of other faiths and races, and habit-forming exercises help the youngster develop positive behaviours.  The idea of preschool was created to instill manners, etiquette, skills, an academic orientation, and cultural activities at a young age. Enrolling children in preschool can help them communicate better and engage more with others. Preschools or kindergarten are also effective educational environments for exposing a child to academics and preparing him for the challenging path of school life.

 One of the most crucial roles that childcare centres and services perform is providing children with daycare facilities and appropriate care while their parents, especially women, are at work. It's important for working parents in particular to enroll their kids in reputable, high-quality childcare facilities. They look out for the child's entire development and provide care till their parents return from a demanding day at work. As a result, parents may unwind as their toddlers and young children play at a daycare centre or preschool without worrying about their child's safety. You are preparing kids for society as well as assisting their parents with their care. One of the disciplines you study in a childcare profession degree is socialization. Early socialization is important for children, and educators and childcare providers may be a huge help to parents in giving their kids the skills they need to perform appropriately and have solid morals in the modern world.

Children are sponges in many ways. They will absorb the surroundings in which they are put. Therefore, it is essential to provide kids a place where they may learn and develop. Many childcare facilities include a teaching method or lesson plan. Inquire about the qualifications of each career or whether they belong to a particular educational philosophy or teaching method.

All daycare facilities should be entirely clean and disease-free. However, it is not how life actually happens. There are some parents who deliberately send their sick child to school. This fosters an environment wherein other kids are exposed to diseases.


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