Switch positions when working 

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A good standing desk can effectively improve your work efficiency and ensure your health.

It is said that standing is better than sitting all day. Maybe you've seen different poses in the office that offer jobs with different possibilities. Maybe you have some influence on the furniture design and layout of your own workplace. Although offices may have standing desks, it is common for most employees to choose to remain seated. After all, we are creatures of habit.

For many computer-related jobs, a full-day meeting is a big problem. If coupled with the sitting posture outside working hours, it is not good for the human body. According to professional research, sitting is the most unnatural posture of the human body. That's why the experts recommend--take turns sitting at the computer while using it! Standing alternates are a way to prevent back and cervical pain, even when working at a computer. A motorized height-adjustable desk will help ease your back pain, and we've written a few reasons for you.

Correctly adjust table height while sitting

Did you know that 80% of the population does not have a standard desk height (75cm) to sit down? This height is too high for the lower type and too low for the taller, although one has proportionally longer legs and the other has a torso, so on the table It is impossible to say which height the table is suitable for. So, ideally, we would have to adjust the height of the chair first and then the desk so that our hands move smoothly from the arm of the office chair to the desk.
Practical example: We can show a colleague who is 160 cm tall. Its optimal desk height is 63cm, which is 12cm lower than standard desk heights. If a colleague is sitting at a classic desk, she must raise the chair so that the desk is "equal" in height. In this case, however, the heel/foot can fly into the air, drooping off the seat and causing unpleasant thigh pressure, resulting in unpleasant limb blood flow, tingling, and calf swelling. The same is true for taller figures, who either stoop over a table or have to sit in a chair, preventing blood flow to their lower extremities due to the closed angle of the knees.

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Standing work

Even the best chairs can't help you with back pain. It is important to move and change your body position at work. With the electric standing desk, we can extend the table to a height of 130 cm, and even the largest longhorn can work while standing.

Ideally, you should change your sitting and standing positions at least twice an hour and use stretching elements when changing positions. The scene should look like this: sit for 20 minutes, stand for 8 minutes, and stretch for 2 minutes. Of course, everyone will adjust everything to their own needs and physical abilities. It turns out that a person solves problems faster when working while standing using a standing desk. Muscles activated while standing improve blood circulation so the brain is more oxygenated and you breathe better because the main breathing muscle (diaphragm) is compressed during training. If you breathe properly, you will concentrate better. The result will be more tasks done faster.Beware of high tables that cannot be adjusted: working with your feet all day can also pose health risks. We insist that the alternation of standing and sitting work that enables flexible office furniture is the ideal situation.

Why is it important to consider a standing workstation in office furniture?

It is important to start with the "why" before explaining the "how". There are different studies on the health effects of prolonged sitting. The results of these studies are somewhat different. This has a lot to do with several factors to consider: how long you're sitting; if you're working outdoors. and where you stay seated. Still, all of these studies come to the same conclusion: Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health.
Some of the risks mentioned by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health include premature death, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression. This doesn't sound pleasant! So, it's time to buy a standing computer desk.

Stimulate standing work

The fact that an office can work standing up does not mean that employees will use this alternative. Therefore, it is important to encourage and invite employees to use their preferred large L-shaped standing desk for a few hours of standing work each day. Information can be provided to employees about the benefits of standing work and how to best implement it during the workday.Or encourage employees to choose their preferred desk (for example: a  standing desks with keyboard trays or a bamboo standing desk).
It is often easier for some employees to choose to work standing up during certain activities rather than doing so for a period of time. It's important to learn how to modify desks or send informative emails for employees to share experiences. It is also possible to organize a "standing week" in which all employees stand for at least two hours a day. On that day, all chairs in the conference room should be removed so that all meetings during the week are held that way.

How to work standing up

Last but not least: to understand not only why we should stand to work, but also how we should stand. Location is very important. Poor posture can occur whether sitting in a chair or standing. It is important to maintain a solid posture with your feet forward and firmly on the ground. Pelvic tilt should be avoided, it is important to alternate the tilt of the left and right legs. Also make sure the working height is correct and that the forearm is mostly horizontal. This means that the working height should be close to elbow height.
Another possibility is to use ergonomic anti-fatigue mats. It may not seem necessary to you, but this rug does improve your posture when working standing up, as its padded pads reduce stress on your legs. In addition, due to the flexible texture, the legs can do small movements to promote blood circulation.





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