Do You Need a Case for Your iPhone or Android

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Manufacturers of cellphones don't plan their products with cases in mind. It's a tool designed to be used right out of the box.

It might seem obvious to require a protective iPhone 11 back cover for your new iPhone the moment you take it out of the box, but your iPhone or Android doesn't always need one!

Phones Are Built Tougher Than Ever

Manufacturers of cellphones don't plan their products with cases in mind. It's a tool designed to be used right out of the box. Nowhere in the warranty or manual does it state that you must have a case (or screen protector) for your phone, despite the fact that the accessories industry is quite lucrative and the business that produces your phone will be happy to sell you one.

The phone's internal structure, exterior materials, and screen glass are all designed to withstand normal use. Additionally, it is built to withstand some incidents that are more severe. When dropped from hip or table height onto a hard surface, phones often sustain very little aesthetic damage and continue to work.

You shouldn't be concerned at all if you drop the phone on a carpet.

To increase phone durability, businesses like Apple and Samsung invest millions of rupees in the development of improved glass, metal, and polycarbonate materials. In light of this, putting some rupees into a phone case may be comparable to coating a tank with a thin layer of rubber.

The damage prevention is theoretically better, but is it really worth it? Added to this is the fact that you'll never know if your phone case actually prevented catastrophic harm from happening, so you're left in the same position as if you hadn't used a case at all.

Some cases may destroy the ergonomics and aesthetics of a phone.

Modern cellphones are attractive, light, thin, and comfortable to carry. They feature appealing designs and colours and are manufactured from high-quality materials. All of which is irrelevant if you place the phone in a case.

Is resale value actually important?

Because they want to sell their phones for more money when it's time to update, many consumers make an extra effort to take good care of them. While a phone in good shape may sell for more money than one with scratches and other visual flaws, it's questionable if this extra cash will be worth denying you the chance to use your phone to its full potential while you still have it.

You're essentially reducing your own happiness in order to appease a potential buyer.

Smartphones lose value so rapidly that, after two or three years, they can be worth more as a backup phone, a present given to a kid or relative, or something you'd give away rather than sell on Craigslist. Naturally, keeping your phone in good shape isn't a terrible idea, but taking steps to maintain it spotless that negatively influences usage today for an unspecified future aim is likely less sane.

Insurance Is a Possibility

If your phone is part of a carrier plan that offers subsidies, it most likely comes with insurance, or you have the option to add insurance to your monthly charge. Theft, damage, or other issues

We believe that everyone should have theft insurance; however, loss and damage coverage is frequently combined with or offered in addition to theft coverage. Examine the documentation thoroughly to determine your alternatives.

If you've timely registered for your warranty, several manufacturers provide free screen replacements. As an alternative, you may get this type of insurance at a reduced cost through AppleCare+, Samsung Care+, and other such deals. As a result, you may replace your screen at a drastically discounted cost because so many other individuals purchased similar plans, the majority of whom will never damage their displays. It's important to remember that these measures can be beneficial even if you use a case because your screen can still get damaged even with a cover or screen protector.

There Are Valid Arguments for Using a Case

Most of the time, a phone cover does more to calm your fear over a damaged phone than to truly shield your device from harm. But there are still some valid justifications for using a case.

First of all, certain phones have a tendency to fall off objects like your lap or a couch. Some cases include textured surfaces, which reduce the risk of your phone slipping and falling.

Second, you should think about getting a ruggedized case if you frequently use your phone in dangerous environments. People who work in construction or have outside jobs where their phones may come into contact with pebbles, sand, asphalt, and other similar surfaces run the danger of suffering significant harm. Therefore, a stronger argument makes sense.

Some phone cases provide useful extra features. If you use a stylus, it could have a kickstand or a spot to put it.

The argument continues.

There will probably never be an end to the argument over whether using a phone while nude is preferable. Additionally, it depends on how you use your phone and the kind of experience you hope to have with it. You have the option.






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