Although NBA 2K23 isn't officially out as of yet

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The file size is likely 2k23 mt to be a little lower on the PS5 version than on the Xbox Series', though it is likely to be less given that NBA 2K22 was only 6GB smaller on the PS5 over its Xbox Series version.In fact, unlike last year's NBA 2K23 will require 35GB more space, going from 115Gb to 150GB for the Xbox Series.For an overview below are the file sizes for each platform for the version released last year's NBA 2K.

Although NBA 2K23 isn't officially out as of yet, players have already uncovered an intriguing cosmetic collab in the game, one featuring Dr Disrespect.Whether you're living in the Neighborhood of the Future or in the Next-Gen City this is the breakdown of all you must know about the NBA 2K23 x Dr Disrespect collab.

How to Find Dr Disrespect in NBA 2K23.As teased by the Two-Time himself himself, content creator star Dr Disrespect will indeed be present in NBA 2K23.For players of both the current and the next generation, Dr Disrespect's signature mullet, headphones, and vest are all available to wear in-game as Season 1 Prizes.At Level 8 in the season 1 incentives track players will be able to earn the Dr Disrespect The Black Steel Mullet along with Headphones.After that, players are able to purchase the Dr Disrespect prototypes at Buy Nba 2k23 mt level 20.