Oahu's North Shore is a Hidden Gem

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Most people center their first Hawaiian vacation in the Honolulu area because it's the most familiar and where most hotel rooms are located. There is no doubt that Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor are sights you want to see, but don't overlook taking a North Shore tour. Adventure boats are a popular option and are kid and family-friendly. You can go out at various times of the day and, depending on which one you choose, have a different experience – whale watching, shark adventures, bid wave tours, or subset cruises. Because of the variety, there is something for everyone, and it's the perfect way to sightsee.  

What's made boat tours so much more fun are today's advanced watercraft in the form of rigid inflatable boats. They have been game-changers for speed and comfort. They couldn't be farther from traditional wooden boats, and they're much more comfortable. You'll stay dry even as your hair blows in the ocean breeze as you're getting from point to point. People who sometimes get seasick rarely have problems in a more stable boat that moves swiftly and confidently. Don't forget your camera (or a smartphone with a good camera) because there will be many photo-ops you won't want to miss.

As you're planning your Hawaiian vacation, don't be too hasty in your online searching because there are differences between tour boat companies. The best and most experienced ones are known for taking their passengers to all the best spots quickly and with no gaps in between. If you're going whale or shark watching, they know all the best places to see marine life in its natural habitat. You might have seen some of these creatures in an aquarium, but it can't compare to what it's like to observe them swimming freely in the ocean. Kids and teens love the experience and will be begging you to go again.

One of the best things about touring the North Shore is that it's different from the Honolulu metro area but not far. Once you get to the harbor where you'll board your boat tour, there's plenty of free parking, and it's convenient. Thanks to today's GPS, you don't even need a map to find the place, and you can have an estimate of your trip time before you get into the car. Boat tours move quickly and aren't slowed down by traffic, which is a significant advantage in Oahu, where it can be busy. If private touring is suitable for your family or group, you can call the shots while you're out on the water. What could be better?