The change occurs at a moment when jumping ship

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World of Warcraft 's  WoTLK Classic Gold biggest streamer, Asmongold, will be playing and streaming the rival MMORPG World of WarcraftV on the internet for the first-time starting this weekend.

Asmongold, the player with 2.1 million fans on Twitch, says he wants play the game a fair chance and will begin playing July 3. The player will forgo the level booster and would like to follow the story of the game from beginning. He hopes to play in some of the most difficult final game games.

The change occurs at a moment when jumping ship to WoW into World of Warcraft V has become something of a regular fun in the WoW community, with players dissatisfied with recent expansions or Blizzard's choices could move over to Square-Enix's increasingly famous MMO instead.

"Many people have switched into World of Warcraft from WoW and I can understand why," Asmongold said on a recent stream. "The fact is that the best WoW release over the past five years was a release that came out buy WoTLK Classic Gold 15 many years ago." referring to Blizzard in the release of WoW Classic, a recreation of the game in its original form when it originally released in 2004.