NBA 2K has evolved from being a mere hyped game

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While it's certainly 2k23 mt a surprise that 2K announced a cover like this, particularly at the end of the rollout, the trend of the game indicated that this could happen some day. Despite that the cover wasn't actually 2K's concept, it was J. Cole's. "Three and a half years when he shot during one of the breaks during The All-Star Weekend Saturday Night, J. Cole said 'Ronnie I'd like to be a part of MyCareer and help you think about the possibilities around it."

Ronnie 2K tells Complex. "I was part of our team on bringing this to the forefront, and it was right to collaborate with him. When we released that teaser, everyone thought it would be another basketball allows us live in culture, fashion and music and culture, which is why 2K has a seat at the table now."

NBA 2K has evolved from being a mere hyped game within the world of gaming. It's now a moment in culture and its combination of fashion, pop culture sneakers and, of course basketball has taken the franchise to heights that none other game has surpassed. With its latest edition, NBA 2K23, the game broke records when Buy 2k23 mt it announced J. Cole as the first rapper ever to appear on the cover NBA 2K with the Dreamer Edition. Although it was certainly a surprise that 2K had a cover of this, especially at the end of its release, the overall trend of the game's gameplay may have pointed to this happening one day. Even with that being said it was not actually 2K's idea. It was J. Cole's.