Best Psychiatrist Clinic in Panchkula

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Dr. Sachin Kaushik is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and ranks among the Top Psychiatrists in Chandigarh.

Dr. Sachin Kaushik is one of the best Psychiatrists, Psychologists Deaddiction Counsellors, in Panchkula Chandigarh. He has had many years of experience as a Psychiatrist and has helped numerous patients with their conditions. His special interest-to-help people survive the existential abyss and transform themselves into what they have always wanted to be. He believes that it is a person’s psychological well-being that plays an essential role in his or her everyday life and overall performance. The famous Kishore Kumar once said: “We are no more than puppets dancing on the strings of those who pull them”. At Mind Peace Clinic (Best Psychiatrist Clinic in Panchkula), Dr. Sachin Kaushik endeavors to make people aware of how they can control their ‘strings’ while moving towards peace and happiness which is vital for a healthy mind as well as body. He conducts cognitive-behavioral therapies and provides counseling on a wide range of mental health issues such as Anger Management, Depression Treatment, Stress Management Counseling, and many more in Panchkula Chandigarh.