Top 5 Ways to Gauge a Top iOS App Development Company

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This piece is a brief about some desired as well as default qualities an iOS app development company must have. The list includes some must have attributes along with some idealistic ones as well.

Best technology needs the best hands at it. However convenient it may sound, getting a decent iOS app developed is nothing like it sounds. It is exhausting to find the right agency. Even if you do find the right agency, you just don’t know if they will deliver what you have ideated. 

Why is there so much overwhelm and ambiguity around developing an iOS app? It surely isn’t like finding unicorns in the wild. What we fail to accomplish is to find an agency that meets our requirements just about right. It is easy to find the top service providers but if we are not working at those levels, the money we end up paying to acquire their services goes down the drain.

Measures to Gauge a Company That Offers Best iOS Apps Development Services

When you go out there finding people who work on iOS development, one thing you have to factor is the overall price of your whole project. Just like everything else in life, good things digitally are also not inexpensive. You will have to pay the right price to get the right thing delivered. But what are the signs of an agency that offers the best services? Well, here are some factors you can consider while you hunt the right service providers.

Enrolled Apple Developer

One of the main requirements to be a developer for iOS devices is to register in the Apple Developer Program. This program not only legitimizes you as a developer but also offers you a range of resources and allows you to host apps on the App Store. 

Being a registered developer gives you an opportunity to work closely with Apple’s engineers on your project queries. You also get all the beta versions ahead of their official launch. As mentioned earlier, Apple shares all of its priceless resources with you when you register with them.


Knowing Swift has become a new trend for iOS developers. One of the youngest programming languages around, Swift has come a long way since its launch back in 2014. Just a year after its launch, Swift was made open source for everyone to try their hands on.

Apple has made some really tall claims about Swift. Termed as the future programming language for iOS specific programs, Swift is the new age tool that every developer working with iOS devices must know. 

Third Party Integrations

One of the perks of having registered with the Apple Developer Program is that you get access to many of Apple’s curated resources. You get things like APIs, SDKs and many other libraries when you register with the program. Having resources is one thing and knowing how to optimize is another.

Optimizing these resources can act as a hallmark of a true top notch professional. The usage of the right third party integration can change the app from top to bottom. An ideal developer would not only know all the resources in and out, but also would know how to combine them to get the best features rolling.


Technology changes hands very fast. If you can’t maintain the pace with it, your products become oblivious to the users. It is very essential to keep updating the libraries, third party integrations, codes and even the design language of your app. 

For all this, you are going to need a developer or an agency that offers great maintenance support to you. Launching an app, however mighty it may seem, may just be a beginning in your journey. To optimize your app and to keep it updated and intriguing, you will have to indulge in a lot of detailed maintenance.


Finding the perfect artist itself is an art. In the world of rapidly evolving technologies, it is difficult and practically impossible to have the know-how of everything. Keeping a check on the aforementioned list of attributes can help you refine your choices. A lot of intangible aspects like documentation, transparent communication and a detailed dialogue still play a huge role. But if you can gauge your agency or developers based on the above mentioned things, you would be a lot closer to your ideal partner.

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