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The quiet sky has just taken shape, the air wall of Tiangang is not thick

The quiet sky has just taken shape, the air wall of Tiangang is not thick, and there are no clouds to hinder it, so it is easier for the Five Realms to watch the battle. Seeing Fang yuan gaining the upper hand, many bewitching immortals in Zhongzhou and Beiyuan were shocked and worried. Some cursed Fang yuan for being shameless, some secretly prayed for the right path, and some took pictures of the evil power with pale faces. As for the bewitching immortals in the East China Sea, they were all happy. Hateful, if I have a sea of blood, there is such a degree of blood to kill, why fear the source of means? Juyang Xianzun gritted his teeth, the depressed mood in his heart accumulated to the limit, and finally let him take out all his strength! Yun Dao kills all living beings, and I am in the middle of heaven and earth! Juyang Xianzun urged this move, which immediately formed a huge light pillar, golden and brilliant, standing between heaven and earth, as high as ten thousand feet, surprisingly thick. Juyang Xianzun is in the golden light pillar, with his hands and feet open, forming a big character posture. His hair was flying, his mouth was crying, his face was twisted,stainless steel 304 pipes, and the veins of his skin were bulging, as if he were in great pain. During the launch of the killing move, the attack of the Ghost Demon Zun was blocked by the Golden Light Pillar. Fang yuan tried to do it, but found that as long as he attacked the golden light pillar once, his luck would be shaken once, and there were strong signs of being absorbed by Juyang Xianzun. Fang yuan stopped rationally. Juyang Xianzun, what did you do? Xingxiu Xianzun's face is not good. Juyang Xianzun's power is so powerful that she is also affected. The golden pillar of light lasted for just nine breaths, then suddenly stopped and quickly dissipated. Juyang Xianzun was shrouded in a pale golden halo,Precision Welded pipes, his whole body was full of muscles and hair, his blonde hair was dancing wildly, and his whole body was swollen. As soon as his eyes swept, he looked at the Star Immortal, whose eyes were so sharp that even the Star Immortal could not help squinting slightly. Juyang Xianzun grinned and said, "Don't blame the immortal friends of the stars. My move has a very wide range, covering the whole five domains. You can't avoid it." The Ghost Demon came roaring and raised a terrible black fog to cover the sky. With a loud roar, Juyang Xianzun puffed out his cheeks and blew violently, forming a boundless hurricane. The hurricane swept through everything, the black fog reckoned, revealing the soul balls of hundreds of tadpoles' tails. The soul ball exploded all over Juyang Xianzun's body. Juyang Xianzun disdained to hum coldly, and the pale golden halo left him unscathed. Ghost Demon Zun comes with thousands of arms, and Juyang Immortal Zun collides with each other only with fists and feet. The black arm of the ghost claw of the ghost demon was like an egg hitting a stone. After the collision, countless golden lights penetrated into the black arm, and then penetrated out, bursting the black arm. Juyang Xianzun began to counterattack, impact beam tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, and the ghost demon was immediately suppressed. No matter how crazy he resisted, he suffered a more merciless blow from Juyang Xianzun. Fang yuan and Juyang Xianzun fight, found that whether he is offensive and defensive or move, or treatment, are fully enhanced. Fang yuan was also suppressed, and gradually saw the clue: "I'm afraid this move is forced to extract external luck, and then used on their own body.". But how big is the scope of this killing move? Just now Juyang Xianzun and Xingxianzun communicated with each other, both using the art of sound transmission. Fang yuan did not know that the scope of this move was so large that it directly covered five domains! This move also has a deeper mystery, that is, it affects the luck of heaven and earth and all living beings, so that all the luck is affected, and there is a strong tendency to revolve around Juyang Xianzun. The name of the killing move is "I am in the middle of heaven and earth", which is worthy of the name! Fang yuan has a cooking pot, and has the justice of heaven, so Qi Yun is not affected by this move. However, Xingxiu Xianzun's defensive means against Yundao were seen through by Juyang Xianzun, which was useless. But Xingxiu Xianzun did not show it at all for a moment. After all, the most urgent thing is to deal with Fang yuan and kill the dream for truth! After urging all living beings in heaven and earth to kill in the middle, the scale of Juyang Xianzun's luck is extremely horrible. With his fighting system, his strength has been increased in a comprehensive and horrible way. Ghost Demon Zun lacked sanity, and after trying to hold on for a moment, there were obvious signs of defeat. Fang yuan also felt bad, but he still had to keep an eye on the star immortal. In fact, Juyang Xianzun is not the key. As long as there is no battlefield killing constraints, Fang yuan can advance and retreat freely. In Fang yuan's view, the key lies in the star immortal. He shouted to Xingxiu Xianzun, but did not make a sound: "Xingxiu Xianyou is really a good plan, let Juyang and I lose Xianyuan, but you are delaying time.". Can you really ruin my dream with this trick? Xingxiu Xianzun sneers: "Since Fang yuan Xianyou has such an idea, why not let me try again?" Fang yuan responded calmly, "You are still a star immortal friend, and you are sure that I dare not take risks in this matter.". In that case, I have to use other means. Xingxiu Xianzun and Juyang Xianzun suddenly became alert. Since the start of the war, Fang yuan's exposure to the killing moves are very surprising. Especially his defensive means, so far so that Shuangzun can not see through. But Shuang Zun paid attention for a long time, but did not see Fang yuan start to expose more means. Xingxiu Xianzun smiled: "Fang yuan Xianyou, simply threatening is not a good means." Fang yuan laughed and said, "I have used this method for a long time. Speaking of it, the star-filled actuarial array of Star Fairy Friends can be regarded as magnificent, exquisite and magical.". Unfortunately, it was built in a hurry and destroyed in a hurry. The star immortal suddenly frowned. At the same time. Zhongzhou. The stars are all over the sky, outside the actuarial array. Qi Hai Lao Zu appeared slowly. Rumble. Airway kill move to urge hair, the next moment of heaven and earth shock, the atmosphere rolling, as if boundless in general, toward the stars all over the sky actuarial array cover pressure. I was reminded by the managers today that this time the rewards and benefits of the team activities are better than before, and the team is currently in the tenth place. Call on everyone to participate enthusiastically. If the ranking is stable in the top ten, there will be more benefits and rewards. According to the understanding of the managers, as long as the daily task is completed, there will be a lot of combat power. Verse 349: Everything is impermanent. Since the fall of the sun,stainless steel tube 304, the five realms have fallen into deep darkness for two days. The ghost demon with blue fire burning all over his body can never replace the sun. Because what he gives to the common people of heaven and earth is not vitality and warmth, but cold and murder. Under this dark curtain, the countless stars shining over Zhongzhou have become the comfort of all living beings.