Thriller Paradise

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Violent and bloody scenes in the game will be based on maintaining realistic comic book

Violent and bloody scenes in the game will be based on maintaining realistic comic book style of exaggeration. The simulation of pain will be further enhanced. The specific patch content is more than that. Many keywords are hyperlinked, with very detailed instructions. Unaware of this reading addiction, Feng naturally went in one by one and read it completely. Not only did I read it once. I also thought deeply.. Finally, he summed up the core changes of this new version, which are the following three items. First, it adds a lot of means to recover game currency from players. The 2nd: Had made preparation early, gave full class player whole a place to go to explore freely mode. Third: Give the existence of the derivative to the circle (there is a description of the derivative in the hyperlink). The basic meaning is the same as Huaxiong Pan Feng's original statement, but not detailed enough. These three things are the main purpose of this v1.10 release. As for the other changes. It should be a normal correction. For example, the service of exchanging skill value for game currency in the scare box, which is a silly thing that no one will do except the rookie, can indeed be cancelled. The adjustment related to the list can be regarded as "eliminating chicken ribs" and re-integration. The launch of the Jigsaw Exchange is a new convenience service that saves money and worry. Uh I feel like I have a lot of things to do after I go online. The seal unconsciously murmured a sentence, at the same time, he already operated the mouse, turned the page to the forum. Thriller Paradise Chapter 462 Prizes In the past few days, the popularity of the game forum was even more astonishing than the opening day of the open beta. In the past two months of the open beta of Thriller Paradise,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, the number of registered players has exceeded 3 million. As soon as the server closes, these players naturally gather in the forum. Of course, at least 60% of them are pure leisure players, who just play casually after work and study, and only watch the forum for more than ten minutes. Another 30% are hardcore players who are keen on this game. They usually go online whenever they have time, and they are very interested in information and intelligence related to the game. The activists on the forum are basically these people. And the last one is naturally people in the industry. For example,aluminium coated steel tube, studio players, individual professional players, studio employees, network navy and so on. These people are generally the leaders of topics and trends on the forum. For them, this forum is a battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, language is their bullet, and information is their gun chamber. The battle here is far more dangerous than in the game. "Hype", "public opinion guidance" and so on, it is difficult to say, it is not difficult to say.. It's not too hard. The classic cases are: A and B curse each other in the street, cold drawn tubes ,side impact door beams, but the essence is to praise each other. A keeps praising B, and then is quickly hit in the face by C. This is actually a and C together in the black B. A scolds B as if his intelligence quotient and face had collapsed together, but in essence he is blackening C. A deliberately provoked B's fan C, and was finally hit in the face by C with practical action, but in fact a and C may be B's fans, three people perform together. In short, the techniques are varied and each has its own merits. Some do, some don't. Some are so clever that they help you count money after you are fooled, and some are so low-end that they are seen through by passers-by and speechless. There is no doubt that the network water army is also a knowledge, a very thick black, but also very deep knowledge. This is a game of IQ and EQ between one group of people and another group of people. And they want to attract and influence. It is those who follow the public opinion, do not have the ability to think for themselves or are too naive. [Vote! Who do you think is the real champion? ……” Feng unconsciously looked at a voting sticker with the prefix "hot" and laughed, "Oh.. In the end is to eat this bowl of rice people, you are really hard. This kind of post, at a glance, is the handwriting of the studio staff, probably done by "order" or "gods". Anyway, the "stars" side will certainly not send this kind of post, they are at most let their own hands rush into the post, everyone to cast a vote. There is also a hot post with the title: "Dream Company tampers with the rules in the middle.". There are many shady stories about the summit competition, and the rematch is imperative!] This looks very much like the style of the corpse knife. It is worth mentioning that there are signs that as the first master of Corpse Knife, Corpse Knife is King seems to have left the Corpse Knives Studio. His photos and information have been removed from the official website of the corpse knife. In Thriller Paradise, the role of "Corpse Knife is King" has also been deleted. This incident has caused a lot of repercussions among people in the circle, who are not only interested in the reasons for his departure, but also more concerned about his whereabouts. If he doesn't retire or change his career, where will he go? Is it to join other studios or become a personal professional player? In the contract that the corpse knife cancelled with him. Is there a clause similar to "non-competition"? Although he has been in the corpse knife, his reputation is not very good. But in business, if he really has the strength, other studios will definitely not shut him out. When the time comes to repackage it with such words as "abandon the dark and turn to the light" and "return of the prodigal son", he will still be a star player, and by the way, he will be able to black the corpse knife.. Kill two birds with one stone Uh Although the amount of posts is very large, the smell of gunpowder is not very strong. Feng unconsciously turned over the post for a while, and he soon found out. The hot topics related to the competition are basically all kinds of water armies singing against each other. The focus of attention of the vast majority of players has already shifted to the "new version". It seems that Woody's means of attacking the enemy in a false way and doing things in secret. It really worked. With the big change of this version update, the sequelae left by the game and the secret of the existence of the derivative are all exposed. However 90% of the posts are still serious nonsense. The seal unconsciously continues to turn over the post,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, saw many interesting things. Many posts are funny just by looking at the titles, such as "My View on Free Exploration Mode" and "Is It Really So Difficult to Kill a Derivative?"? Let me teach you!] Something like that. Even if the dish is a novice, it is impossible to believe this pure YY strategy.

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