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"At that time, my sword was a thousand miles away and hurt Yan Se.

"At that time, my sword was a thousand miles away and hurt Yan Se. He wrote an amulet to the violent tide outside the dike. Obviously, it was so far away, but the bald pen fell on my face." Liu Bai touched his eyebrows and laughed at himself. After that battle, I finally chose the sword in my hand. The most fundamental difference between these two methods of controlling the sword is whether the practitioner wants to use the vitality of heaven to control the sword or to use the sword to control the vitality of heaven. It is not obvious that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you think about it carefully, you will find that the sword should use this method. "The bronze bowl of Buddhism is no good, the prayer beads are no good, the stick is no good, and the amulet is no good either, because these life lines have no shape, but the sword has shape, and the shape of the sword is suitable for controlling the vitality of heaven and hurting people." "Because the sword is straight and has a sharp edge, you can't be moderate. You can't be moderate at all. You can't sway with the sword for thousands of miles or a foot in front of you." Liu Bai said, "You told Ye Su a lot of reasons before. I don't understand those reasons. I only understand the principle of the sword. Since the sword is straight, it should be pierced and passed through. It is simple, so it is strong." The Second Elder Martial Brother said, "The truth is a matter of the world. You shouldn't have stayed in the world. Naturally, you don't need to pay attention to it. But if you want to stay in the world, you still need to follow some principles." …… …… (Continue with Chapter 2.) (To be continued) Co ~ novel Txt, Tang Volume IV The Year of the Curtain Chapter 148 Qingxia on Sword (Part Two) "If it can be broken, it cannot be followed." This is Liu Bai's answer, and it is also the truth that the strong are accustomed to. The Second Elder Martial Brother actually had the same idea. His iron sword was his own rule, but he was the best at breaking other people's rules. So he continued to ask, "If you want to break it, why not break it?" The meaning of this sentence, only he and Liu Bai two people understand-Liu Bai at the very beginning, has made an answer, but that answer, can not explain the second brother. Liu Bai looked at the sky and said nothing. Since there is no answer, then we can only continue, and ultimately we have to talk about things with a sword. Kendo is divided into sword and method, and method is divided into potential and technique. "Potential is the power of mind, and art is the means." "When I first met him, I saw the surging Yellow River, which was the most powerful in the world.". I've been practicing my sword for three days, and I've been around eight thousand directions, and I haven't missed anything. I can't touch my clothes in the rainstorm. I have the strongest means in the world. Liu Bai looked at Jun Mo and said, "If you fight with me on weekdays, you will lose but not win. In the past two days, you have killed thousands of riders with your sword, and your blood is getting stronger and stronger. The number of victories and defeats should be ninety-one. Now you have won Ye Su again. The meaning of the sword is extremely clear. It should be eighty-two. However, one way of the sword is not based on numbers. So you will lose today." "If you don't use numbers, why do you count?" The Second Elder Martial Brother said, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill pallet, "I have always believed that there is no definite victory or defeat in a battle that has not started." Liu Bai laughed and exclaimed, "What boldness of vision.." Jun Mo had walked between the fields, some distance from the exit of the Green Gorge, in front of him. It was a broken arrow scattered like a dead branch in autumn, and there were more than two hundred swords. These swords have different styles. The only thing they have in common is that they have no owner. More than two days after the Battle of Green Gorge began, he blocked the constant attacks of hundreds of strong practitioners and seized more than two hundred swords, which were dead in the field. It's like a sword tomb. Today, when he walked to the tomb of the sword, the more than two hundred swords seemed to sense something and trembled slightly. Like a branch blown by the wind, it becomes a sword forest. It looks like the sword forest deep in the Academy Meadow. Jun Mo stood in the sword forest with a solemn expression. Raise the iron sword in your hand. Liu Bai quietly looked at the sword forest, looking at the tall and straight man in the sword forest, his right hand stretched out a broad sleeve, holding the hilt of the sword, the ancient sword on his waist was silent. His broad palms and long fingers are the best for holding the sword, holding it tightly with the hilt, without a gap in sight, and combining perfectly. It was as if the hand and the hilt of the sword were originally connected. The ancient sword in the scabbard vibrated slightly, sending out a roar of joy. When he held the hilt in his hand, the sword in its scabbard became a part of his body, or rather. His body became an extension of the sword, and the two could no longer be separated from each other. Holding the sword in the hand does not mean that the sword is in the hand. When Liu Bai draws a sword, it is also possible that the sword is a thousand miles away. Not to take the road of the golden mean, but to take the absolute trend, does not mean to choose only one of the two methods of controlling the sword. In those days, Liu Bai may sway, but in today's perfect state, he will not be troubled by this kind of problem. The heart of the sword is bright, which will be covered with dust, and he can choose it at will. No one knows which way he will choose to control the sword today. People only know that when he moves his sword, no one can catch it, because his sword is the fastest, except for the Lord and the elder brother of the infinite realm, except for the first lecture who can compete with the body, the rest are not enough to mention. There is a universal truth that Liu Bai's first sword is equal to victory. Jun Mo did not let Liu Bai sword first, he chose to sword first. Even if the iron sword comes out first, it still may not work. Because Liu Bai's sword is too fast, it can even come first, so Jun Mo did not choose to let the iron sword break through the air, but held the iron sword and waved it in front of him. Just like he did every time he swung his sword these two days. There was no expression on his face, no trembling in his court clothes, and the wide and straight iron sword waved out with his sleeve and went away naturally, without rolling up a cloud, but with countless breath of heaven and earth. There is no enemy, where is the iron sword going to hit? There is no enemy in front of him. But in addition to the autumn wind, there are more than two hundred sword hilts on the ground, and there is a sword forest. The iron sword swung into the sword forest and hit an abandoned sword. The useless sword was stuck deep in the field, and suddenly it was hit hard, and the hilt was broken. The blade is bent to the extreme. The majestic force from the iron sword,plastic bulk containers, like a hurricane, pulled it out of the soil. The shrill sound of breaking the air sounded, and the waste sword turned into a sword light and flew south. Jun Mo continued to wield the iron sword. The movement of his sword is still so natural. Every iron sword carries the power of heaven and earth.

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