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Chu Shaoyang just said that he obviously thought he didn't know to listen to himself, the queen

Chu Shaoyang just said that he obviously thought he didn't know to listen to himself, the queen mother would rather Chu Shaoyang for Chu Shaoling to hide their own rather than this, as the queen mother she would prefer to see the two brothers work together, even if it is together to deceive themselves, that is also the meaning of protecting brothers, but what happened just now? Is Chu Shaoyang busy tearing down the platform of Chu Shaoling in front of himself? In front of their own even so, in front of the emperor, in the government, is not more to tit for tat? The queen mother has a woman's unique sensitivity, before she had some feelings, now more and more sure, there must be some misunderstanding between the two brothers. Although the Empress Dowager was not satisfied with what had just happened to Chu Shaoyang, the old Empress Dowager advised, "a brother of a mother's brother, what is there to say?"? Yang'er is still young and doesn't know how to deal with things. Don't pay any attention to him. You should give in to him more at ordinary times. If there is any misunderstanding or disagreement, you can just talk about it together. But you can't hide your calculation like this, do you know? Chu Shaoling sneer in the heart, last life, he did not think so? But Chu Shaoyang's heart is too big, his tolerance again and again will only make him more and more serious, if other good, Chu Shaoyang is not an offense to Wei Ji,plastic pallet containers, this Chu Shaoling can not endure. Chu Shaoling smiled and said, "My grandson is in the province." Chu Shaoling has not been dead to Chu Shaoyang also some care about the meaning of the queen mother, these years the queen mother spent a lot of thought for him, a lot of things Chu Shaoling hope to send to the queen mother after the west to do, but it also depends on whether others are so eager to die, Chu Shaoling cold and fickle, really want to turn their faces who will not care about. Speaking of.. Ai Jia did hear something about your bodyguard recently. The queen mother gently gathered the pure silver carving stove in her hand and looked up at Chu Shaoling. "You have an idea, so the Ai family has never chosen a concubine for you. Ling,plastic pallet crates, you have to know in your heart. No matter now or in the future, the Ai family doesn't want to see you spoil anyone, let alone a man." Chu Shaoling got up and sat down beside the Empress Dowager, bringing with her some of the intimacy of the grandparents and grandchildren in a deserted place. The Empress Dowager looked at Chu Shaoling and laughed. "Did you let the Ai family talk about it in your heart?" Chu Shaoling hung his head and chuckled, "What else can you hide from the emperor's grandmother? Since the emperor's grandmother knows about Wei Ji, she should also know.." Grandson has not given him anything now, but he is still a first-class bodyguard position, exclusive favor of this matter, really not. This is also the reason why the queen mother has been tolerant of Wei Ji, at least on the surface, the old queen mother didn't feel Chu Shaoling how much love for Wei Ji, the bodyguard in Chu Shaoling side for almost a year, no promotion, no gift treasure no reward house, Wei Ji out of the same job as ordinary bodyguard, he did his one is also indispensable, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet bins, and everything is due diligence, cautious, not by pet Jiao, Did not bully the weak in the palace, so that people can not pick out any mistakes, the queen mother is intentional to hold a point of mistake to knock a time can not find his handle. Chu Shaoling foreshadowed since a year ago gradually out of the effect, Chu Shaoling Ming face promotion is Wei Ming and Wei Zhan, Wei Fu now slowly and into the circle of the imperial city dignitaries, gradually have the color of a comeback, but others only saw how Wei Zhan was Chu Shaoling and Zi Jun Hou Fu lift, now do the emperor's son-in-law is also Wei Zhan, While Wei Zhan enjoys the glory, he naturally has to pay the corresponding reward, for example, to act as the protective umbrella of Wei Ji. Wei war promotion, and now became the emperor's son-in-law, compared to the Wei Ji when the bodyguard brother is too unnoticeable, this is exactly what Chu Shaoling wants to see, he to Wei Ji to promote the position of the Wei family, but the responsibility is not Wei Ji to bear, although Wei Ji lost some power on the surface, but in exchange for his peace and security, At least when Chu Shaoling can't control everything, Chu Shaoling won't let Wei Ji stand in front of people. Chu Shaoling took the Empress Dowager by the hand and chuckled, "At first I thought the boy was fresh, but now look.." But that's it. It's not interesting to try a few times. When he grows up in a few years, his grandson will release him. When he marries a princess in the future, it's not convenient to have him around. ” Chu Shaoling's words entered the heart of the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager nodded and said with a smile, "That's it.." You have a lot of things to do every day. It is reasonable to say that there is a favorite person around you to relieve your boredom. Ai Jia shouldn't be talkative. It's just that everything is done properly. Since you are so sensible, Ai Jia is more relieved. Chu Shaoling nodded and chuckled, "I just didn't expect such a thing to be a handle. It's really.." "Don't eat your heart." The queen mother saw patted Chu Shaoling's hand, "you are going to do great things, how many pairs of eyes looking at you, a little mistake will be someone to hold to make an issue, this is also a common thing, look at your father, usually let those Yushi admonish less?"? "This guard halberd, since you like it, keep people around first." The matter of Wei Ji finally passed the Ming Road in front of the Empress Dowager. Chu Shaoling relaxed a lot and nodded: "Thank you for your kindness." After talking about this, the grandparents and grandchildren talked about the affairs of Jingguo Gongfu and chatted. "That's what the King of Qin said?" In the Zhaoyang Palace, Chu Shaoyang listened to the words overheard by the palace people and chuckled, "He would fool the emperor's grandmother." "Grandmother Piansheng believes in everything!" The palace man hung his head and said, "The king of Qin did say that. He also said that he didn't think that person was interesting now. After he married the princess in two years, he would release the guard halberd. He said that there was such a person around him who was not good-looking, and that the future princess of Qin could not agree." Chu Shaoyang sneered, "People don't know that I know. He and the bodyguard in the Qianshou Palace wish they could be treated as husband and wife. It's not interesting to say anything else.." "That's what Chu Shaoling himself said." Chu Shaoyang smiled coldly, it was Chu Shaoling who said he didn't take Wei Ji seriously, ha ha. I don't know how the one in Bitaoyuan will feel when he hears this? The next day Fu Yi back to the door, the young couple together to the emperor to pay their respects,secondary containment pallet, get some rewards, the emperor left Wei Zhan to speak, Fu Yi alone back to the harem to pay his respects to the queen mother. binpallet.com

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