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Li Chengxiu is the meaning, did not expect this young man really impolite, said the sentence

Li Chengxiu is the meaning, did not expect this young man really impolite, said the sentence "good ah", directly stepped in. Li Chengxiu stared at his back. Neighbors take care of each other is also a good thing, Li Chengxiu closed the door, beckoning him to sit casually. 58 Chapter 58 The young man surnamed Ji, as if he hadn't eaten for a long time, went in and drank two bowls of broth in silence, without lifting his head, and stunned Li Chengxiu. Li Chengxiu felt some sympathy for him. Although their economic situation is not good, but to support a person and a dog, or no problem, this young man is afraid to go to school here, no income, will be so embarrassed. Li Chengxiu quickly fried two dishes and filled him with rice. He squatted and mixed the medicine given by the doctor into the food in the small teacup. From time to time, he looked up at the people who were eating well and sighed in his heart. The man ate for a while, probably on his stomach, before he realized something was wrong. He looked down at Li Chengxiu, who was peeking at him, and blushed slightly. "Hey, why don't you eat?" Li Chengxiu shook the small pink bowl in his hand. The man seemed to have noticed the small teacup just now. "Hey," he said,plastic pallet price, and then he grinned. "Aren't all the dogs raised by women?" Li Chengxiu lowered his head, "someone else sent it." "From a woman?" Li Chengxiu's back stiffened slightly, and suddenly he remembered his first meeting with the small teacup. It was tied up in a large bouquet of flowers, and Shao Qun sent it to him as a good gift. At that time, he was so moved and sweet that he could drown himself. Now think about it, this is Shao Qun's usual trick, angry at him, say bad words,plastic pallet crates, do bad things, after the event will find ways to show good, but never sincerely apologize. As long as I think of Shao Qun, the sadness of the dark sky can surge, and I don't know when he will be better. Seeing that he did not speak and was not interested in knowing, the man buried himself in eating and said, "Why do you cook so well? I smell the fragrance in my room. You are not a cook, are you?" Li Chengxiu stood up and washed his hands and said, "I am." The man raised an eyebrow. "So that's it. No wonder." Li Chengxiu also filled a bowl of rice and sat opposite him to eat. Now he remembered that as a host, he should say, "Eat more and don't stand on ceremony", but he found that the two dishes that had just been fried had only a little bottom left. The man blinked in embarrassment. Li Chengxiu asked carefully, "are you full?" He thought about it and shook his head. Li Chengxiu could not help gently pulling the corners of his mouth, got up and went to get two dishes. For such a long time, he forgot how to laugh. Full of wine and food, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet suppliers, the man also talked more, asked Li Chengxiu's name, began to call the name. Li Chengxiu called him Xiaoji. Li Chengxiu is a person who doesn't talk much, and doesn't know how to chat with a stranger. Basically, Xiaoji asks a question and he answers it. He had probably never seen such a boring person as Li Chengxiu, and felt bored, so he squatted down to tease the small teacup. The small teacup was eating when he poked his spine a few times with his finger. He looked back and stared at him angrily. Li Chengxiu couldn't help saying, "Don't tease him. He's just sick. He should eat well." "The disease just needs more activities. The more you spoil it, the more delicate it is." As he spoke, he pulled the head of the small teacup and had a lot of fun. Li Chengxiu eyelids really jump, really can not bear to see, go up to grab the small teacup and its snack bowl, changed a place. Xiaoji sat back in his seat and asked unashamedly, "Do you have any dessert?" Li Chengxiu helpless, he rarely encountered so do not treat themselves as outsiders, do not know how to deal with. He got up and rummaged in the refrigerator. Finally, he turned out a jujube cake he had bought in the morning and handed it to him. "Jujube cake, do you want to eat?" Xiaoji looked at the appearance of the thing and wrinkled his nose. "Forget it." He did not want to go after dinner, Li Chengxiu also embarrassed to drive him, two people so not sitting, the words can not go together. When the small teacup finished eating, Xiaoji held it in his arms to amuse it, and Li Chengxiu was frightened to see it. Finally, at ten o'clock in the evening, Xiao Ji wiped his mouth and lifted his buttocks, and left contentedly. Li Chengxiu felt tired when he sent him out. From then on, Li Chengxiu felt as if the young man had blackmailed him. He was asked to take him to the stadium every three or five times. After taking him six or seven times, he finally knew the way and began to come to eat. Li Chengxiu is so thin-skinned that he doesn't have the nerve to drive others away. Besides, I felt sorry for him, a half-grown boy, who was alone in a foreign land and had no one to take care of him. In fact, more than one person's meal is not much, he can not afford, and there is a person in the house, much better than him alone, over time Li Chengxiu also used to him to eat, sometimes even specially left him some rice to eat when he finished playing. Two people are only separated by a wall, and gradually become familiar with each other. When Li Wenxun received a phone call from Assistant Zhou, he was quite surprised. Even when the other party gave his name, he didn't remember who it was. Later, I realized that this was Shao Qun's assistant. Assistant Zhou's tone was quite serious, so Li Wenxun had to come to Shenzhen. His boss was in a bad state, but he dared not tell the Shao family. Li Wenxun was quite surprised and asked him what was going on. Assistant Zhou was silent over there. After a long time, he said, "We can't talk nonsense about General Manager Shao, but..". It's because of Li Chengxiu 。” Li Wenxun was dumbfounded at that time. Remembering the last time they met in Beijing, they broke up on bad terms. They knew that Shao Qun might be in trouble. They bought a ticket and flew to Shenzhen. The moment Xiao Zhou opened the door of Shao Qun's house with the key, Li Wenxun smelled a strong smell of alcohol, which almost fumigated him. When he went in,collapsible pallet bin, he didn't realize that this was the place where Shao Qun lived. Although Shao Qun is not a neat freak, he has a high demand for the quality of life. How can he live in such a dirty place like a doghouse. He kicked away the wine bottle that almost tripped him and called out tentatively, "Shao Qun?" Xiao Zhou pointed inside. "It's in the bedroom." 。

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