Dominate a beautiful wife

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The blood on Kyle's lips disappeared, his body faltered, his head lowered, his fists clenched

The blood on Kyle's lips disappeared, his body faltered, his head lowered, his fists clenched, the joints of his fingertips clenched, and it was clear that he was suppressing something at the moment. Mu Manqing saw her come out, quickly came forward to hold her, eyes looked her up and down again, see her in addition to a little pale face, no other major obstacles, nervous heart, this moment put down. The whole body atmosphere some condensation, Mu Manqing looked at Kyle, the heart of the complex once again came out, at the beginning she should not persuade Yixiang, give each other a chance to choose? Alas! It's too late to say anything now! For a long time, Kyle looked up, his strange eyes became more and more scarlet, his eyes were full of anger and pain, and he stared straight at Lin Yixiang's cold and pale face. How interesting How interesting He sneered twice, but the laughter stopped in his ears, but it seemed to be crying, "Lin, you are so cruel, quietly kill my child, how can you be so cruel?" In the last sentence, he seemed to be unable to suppress the anger and pain in his heart and roared out. For so many years, despite his romance, he had never allowed any woman to conceive his seed. She was an exception, not so much an exception as an intentional one. She was drunk that day to celebrate the end of the film. Looking at her sad and depressed appearance, watching other men take good care of her,stainless steel tube fitting, his heart was blocked. At that moment, he suddenly had an impulse to tie her up, and the only thing that could tie her up was marriage and children. Marriage, he knew she would not agree, that was only children, so he did not do any protective measures that night, and she was drunk, obviously did not pay attention to these. At that time, that kind of thought was very strong, so strong that he did not think about why he wanted to tie her up, because of love,hydraulic fitting supplier, or that physical fit, physical enjoyment? He didn't think about it seriously at that time. Until this morning, when Qiao Yuhan asked him if he still loved her, the word "love" on his lips was swallowed back, because at that moment, his mind suddenly broke into another woman's face, which belonged to Lin Yixiang. After he settled Qiao Yuhan, he returned home, as cold as ever, without a trace of popularity, the hourly workers cleaned the house very clean, he was ready to freshen up and then go to find her, but on the tea table accidentally saw a wrinkled test report, the contents of which surprised him. Later, the hourly worker came and said he found it in the trash can. At that time, he was in a panic. A woman threw this kind of thing into the trash can. He understood what it represented, but he didn't want to believe it. When he called her, the phone was turned off. When he called the company, the people inside said that they didn't go at all today, and Aamly pushed all the announcements and social activities. He rushed to her house in a hurry, but the answer he got made his heart fall to the bottom. After asking the address of the hospital, he came here, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, did not expect to be late after all, this cruel woman, so killed his child, his first child. Thoughts are flying, but it is only a moment, Lin Yixiang listened to his scolding, the corners of his mouth continued to laugh coldly: "Didn't I inform you?"? But you don't even have the patience to hear me out. What makes me think you're going to have this baby? When the words fell, she ignored the stunned Kyle and turned away with her hand mixed with her feelings, but no one noticed that the nails of her other hand almost seeped into her palm. Her heart was in pain, and she could feel it clearly, and the pain almost suffocated her, as if she had gouged out a piece of flesh in her heart. He was right, she was vicious, she was cruel, but she didn't want her child to have an unfortunate family like her, or to have no father, because she had experienced it herself, and she knew better what an unfortunate family brought to a child. Kyle looked at her weak back, thinking of her rare call to him that night, he heard her mention money, plus when Qiao Yuhan began to make trouble, he hung up the phone in a hurry, did not expect to be behind such an important message. At this moment, he did not know whether to blame her or himself. Lin Yixiang was ordered to rest at home, Chen Ma is aware of her situation, now is also trying to help her recuperate, Kyle came several times, but were turned away, a week of waiting all night, did not get a word from Lin Yixiang. On the other side, Qiao Yuhan was really frightened. She was surprised by everything. Her mental state was sometimes good and sometimes bad, and she was particularly clingy to him. If she didn't see him for a while, she would make a lot of trouble. When she was excited, her asthma would break out. The child's blow, Qiao Yuhan's poor physical condition, so that he was exhausted, gradually lost the power of entanglement, coupled with Qiao Rencang's plea to him, he can not be separated from the body to do more entanglement. For Qiao Yuhan, not to mention anything else, he could not ignore the feelings of his childhood sweetheart, so gradually, Lin Yixiang, the woman and the child who had no chance with him, were pressed into the deepest part of his heart by him. But in the dead of night, he had to bear the pain and regret. He always thought that if he had been more patient that night and listened to her, would the result be different? The answer, he thought, was yes. When Qiao Yuhan stabilized a little and he returned to work, the woman disappeared without a trace. No matter how he looked for her, he could not find her. He asked the only one who knew her situation, but she sent him away with a cold no comment. At that time, his heart could not say the panic, but at his wits' end, until that moment, he really understood that the original woman named Lin Yixiang, gradually penetrated his heart, but he found too late, she not only abandoned their children, but also completely disappeared in his life. New Year's Day is after the Spring Festival, recently Mu Manqing heart a little panic, because she also appeared and Lin Yixiang the same symptoms, vomiting, loss of appetite, and the body is often tired, she thought of the United States that time, he did not do protective measures,38 needle valve, afterwards, because of the gloomy mood, she did not go to take medicine.