Tsing Yi Shura-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Dongfang Ye was shocked and couldn't help saying, "Ah!" With a cry, he immediately remembered

Dongfang Ye was shocked and couldn't help saying, "Ah!" With a cry, he immediately remembered that his father had been plotted against, and the murderer was also "Qiankun Zhenren", while his father was the first master of the previous session, and Wu Boyun was the challenger of the current session. The two were killed one after another, so that Tian Musong was able to maintain his throne, while "Qiankun Zhenren" was a VIP of "matchless castle" at the beginning, and was one of Tian Musong's think tanks, associating the two cases.. Between the mind, the blood line suddenly accelerated, chestnut track: "Is it a planned conspiracy?" "Maybe, but this is a case that shocked Wulin. We can't judge it rashly. We must find out the evidence." "This.." This is terrible. "Yes, it is not only terrible, but also the indignation of both man and God!" "At present, we are going to verify this point,ball valve manufacturer, so we must find'Gan Kun Zhenren '!" Dongfang Ye thought for a moment and slammed the table: "Yes, it must be so!" "Blue clothes scholar" look has become very dignified, sink a track: "What must be so?" "Tian Musong tried every means to kill'Qiankun Zhenren '. He must have wanted to silence him!" "Yes, but we can't question Tian Musong at present, nor can we make it public to Wulin." Oriental wild gnash their teeth tunnel: "Mmm!"! Must we find this poisonous snake? "The scholar in blue" gazed at the eastern wild way: "What is the purpose of my brother's search for'Gankun Zhenren '?" He thought that his father's death should not be made public for the time being. It was a secret in the martial arts world, and it would have an impact on his future actions if it was made public. At present,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, only a few people know his life experience, and no one knows the cause of his father's death except the "monk Yijie". Between the mind, vague words: "Also for a Wulin case!" "Can you just get and hear it?" "This.." It's not time to make it public. "That's all right. Can you just be in the same way as your brother?" Dongfang Ye laughed and said: "If I say no, you will turn the light into darkness and keep a close eye on it!" "The scholar in blue" laughed: "Does my brother say it's just a ghost?" "Probably yes!" "Then just turn the darkness into light." "That's the only way!" "When will you leave?" "After dinner!" "Water and land?" "The land route was quick and convenient, and we went up the river." "Very well. Come on, have a few more drinks to help you get on your way." Two people eat and drink for a while, "blue clothes scholar" way: "Is my brother here to visit the'Bloody Scholar '?" Eastern ambition under a sink, way: "Yes!" "Have you seen it?" "No!" "He didn't keep his word?" "Oh!" "Does my brother seem to have something on his mind?" "Nothing!" "What is the origin of your friend?" "I'm sorry, I don't know." "That's strange. I don't know the inside story, but I can still make friends." Oriental wild language with deep meaning tunnel: "Making friends is out of the question. It is like the gathering of duckweeds. With the passage of time, they go their separate ways." "The scholar in blue" shook and said: "It's not just an intention to pry into people's privacy. My brother is a little insincere!" "Why?" "He's very kind to his brother!" "On what basis does your excellency say so?" "Isn't it good that my brother accepted the treatment of the'one-handed medical saint 'this time?" "I don't deny it!" "Also, 38 tube fitting ,pipe fittings manufacturer, during the healing period, he was secretly protecting the Dharma. Don't you know, brother?" "Ah!"! This I didn't think of it. How did you know? "He waited in the empty room behind the shop and never left it all night, as witnessed by the'nothingness'." "Oh!" Oriental wild ideological trend began to stir, so to friends, can be said to be benevolent, because of his anger with the maid, and intended to break up, the previous situation was obliterated, is this right? "But it occurred to me that such a man really could not bear to be a friend. I owe him something, and I will pay him back later." The scholar in blue "and way:" "He is a good martial artist!" Yes, a good player. ” "And he seems to be single-mindedly opposed to the'matchless castle 'and is on our side?" "Yes!" Dongfang Ye knew that the "Bloody Scholar" was against the "Peerless Castle" and used bloody means to deal with the people of the "Peerless Castle" entirely for the sake of the relationship with the "Suyi Shura", because his brother was his sister's fiance, and his brother died of being injured by a "thunderstorm". He avenged him. Thinking of this, he felt that it was wrong to break up with the "Bloody Scholar". The scholar in blue "chattered:" "My brother gave him his beloved mount?" The color of guilt on the face of the eastern field, period tunnel: "I am deeply sorry for this'Zhang Tiezui 'senior, that horse is a gift from him!" "That's nothing. It's yours to give to you, and you have the right to deal with it!" "Having said that, it was always inappropriate, but at that time I thought I had no hope of living, so I decided to do so." "Oh!"! By the way, what about Suyi Shura, who is as famous as my brother? Oriental wild sad tunnel: "Dead!" "Blue clothes scholar" show surprised, wide eyed way: "How did you die?" Oriental wild teeth pointing to the head of the bed way: "Die under that thing!" "Ah!"! Thunder, he's not worth dying. "Yes, indeed." "Tian Musong was at the end of his wits, so he repeatedly used this despicable means, which made people feel cold." "How about we start?" "Yes!" "What about these two?" "There is still a time to wake up and let them lie down a little longer." With that, he got up and picked up his clothes, put an ingot of silver on the table, and then went out of the room with Dongfang Ye. He buckled the door outward. Dongfang Ye paid all his belongings and did not need to go back to his room. Out of the city, along the river, two people's dress demeanor, just like a pair of wandering bachelors. The next day, at the foot of Wushan Mountain, I saw the rolling river,14 tube fitting, the collapse of clouds and the cracking of the bank. The two of them had a big meal in the wild shop, then prepared enough dry food and began to climb the mountain. Both of them are first-class super masters, and their skills have reached a certain limit. They climb mountains and mountains as if they were walking on the ground. They recognize the direction and run vigorously. There is no need to follow the path of the woodcutter. chinaroke.com

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