Fu Chun Gui-1

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"You're here at last!" Jin Gusu saw Zhou yuanyan open the door and pulled him forward.

"You're here at last!" Jin Gusu saw Zhou yuanyan open the door and pulled him forward. "We thought you, the host, had run away!" Zhou yuanyan raised his eyebrows and glanced at the crowd: "It seems that you are really not polite to me!" "This is all Jin Da's attention!" Cai Liu laughed and said, "If you want to eat back, remember to find him." "Oh, you can't do that." Jin Gu Su turned around and pulled Cai Liu, "you have the ability to be eaten for a while!" "Don't worry." Zhou yuanyan paused and sat down with a smile. "I'll eat them back one by one." Kanaya sat beside him, laughing and changing the subject. "Who did you go to see just now?"? Still hiding from us, are you going to meet some beauty? He raised his eyebrows and looked at him ambiguously, "Well!" "I'll tell Uncle Fu when the time comes. Jin Da says he's a beauty." Zhou yuanyan picked up a pair of chopsticks and stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth. From Fu Ge's hometown? "Speaking of the Fu family," said Third Young Master Shen, "the eldest daughter of the Fu family scared us so much that nothing happened. I thought it was a Tigress, but who knew it was a paper tiger?" They all laughed when they heard this. Master Shen San laughed and said, "But it sounds like a beauty!" Zhou yuanyan gently clasped the corner of the table and slightly raised the corners of his mouth. Jin Gu Su secretly shrank his neck, Zhou yuanyan this seems not good ah! As far as their friendship of more than ten years is concerned, even if I don't know why Zhou yuanyan is angry, I also understand that it's better not to provoke him again at this time: "Hey, if you don't eat, I can eat, but I have to eat enough!" Chapter 73 if you want to play, play the big one. Zhou yuanyan stood up and tied it to his waist. He stepped on the stool and tapped his palms. "It's too boring for us to have a casual meal like this. Do you dare to play a big game?" "What are you afraid of?" All the people laughed and answered, "Just say it!" "Hey, don't repudiate when you lose!" Zhou yuanyan looked at the crowd maliciously, "Qishu, go and find the dice!" "Yes!" The wonderful book retired at the sound. Jin Gusu curled his lips and said, "I don't know how big it is. It's just playing dice!" Zhou yuanyan also did not care, moved the wine jar on the table to the ground,rosmarinic acid supplement, and pushed the dish aside: "This dice is nothing special, we are not playing dice, we are playing a bet!" "Oh?"? Play the bet? Cai Liuyi looks eager to try, "how to play this bet?" "It's easy to see if you dare to play!" Zhou yuanyan rubbed the minibus and looked at the crowd provocatively. "If anyone dares not play, it's not too late to go back on his word now." "Whoever dares not is a grandson!" Good! Then it's all right. Zhou yuanyan smiled and clapped his hands. "The rule is very simple, that is, to shake the dice and compare the size. The loser must listen to the winner to do something.". How's it going? Do you dare? "What are you afraid of? Who will come first?" Cai Liu rolled up his sleeves and was ready to go. Seeing the wonderful book come in, he waved and said, "Come on, bring it quickly!" "All right, you go first." Zhou yuanyan nodded, took the dice and dice cup in Qishu's hand, waved him to step down, and handed Cai Liu a dice cup, turmeric extract powder ,akba boswellic acid, "There are five dice in each dice cup, see who has the largest number of five dice points, if the same, then see the largest number of points." "Good!" Cai Liu took the dice cup and shook it desperately. Zhou yuanyan took the dice cup with one hand and began to shake it gently. Finally, the speed of his hand became faster and faster. For a moment, only the sound of shaking the dice was heard in the private room. All of them held their breath and looked intently at the dice cup in their hands. Pow! Pow! Two, two people put the dice cup on the table one after another. You drive first! Cai Liu lifted the corner of his dice cup and peeked at Zhou yuanyan. OK Zhou yuanyan also did not care, directly opened, "two six, one five, two four, a total of 25 points, it's your turn.". ” Cai Liu said with chagrin, "Your number is too big. Forget it. I give up. Tell me what I should do." Jin Gusu grabbed Cai Liu's dice cup and said, "Wow, Cai Laoliu, how did you do that?" Shen San also hurried forward, two two, three one, a total of seven points, can shake out this point is not easy, Zhou yuanyan is to lose some difficulty. You didn't lose on purpose and want to be abused, did you? Roll on, who did it on purpose! I'm just having a bad luck! Cai Liu pushed Shen San away and slapped his hand twice, this smelly hand. Zhou yuanyan looked at Cai Liu with a smile: "For the sake of your first loss, I'm not hard for you. Just give us a demonstration. You can jump around the table and say loudly that Cai Liu is a fool!" You! You! Zhou Laoer, you are too cruel. Isn't it difficult? Cai Liu pointed at Zhou yuanyan's nose and stared at him desperately. Zhou yuanyan pushed his hand away and said with a smile, "Why doesn't Master Cai Liu dare?" "Oh, if you dare not, you are a grandson!" On one side, Master Qi heckled, "Call Grandpa and listen!" "Ha ha ha!" "All right, just jump!" Cai Liu gritted his teeth and looked at Zhou yuan and said, "You boy wait, don't lose to me!" "You don't have to worry about that. Jump quickly!" Zhou yuanyan sat down with his legs crossed and his back to the table, his hands on the edge of the table, and looked at Cai Liu with a half-smile. Cai Liu stood around the table and began to jump. Jin Sugu ran to Cai Liu and said with a smile, "Don't forget that Cai Liu is a fool!" "Be careful of that, too!" "Cai Liu is a fool!" Cai Liu gritted his teeth and grunted. After a round, he felt flushed. This man was really a disgrace. Come on! This group of guys who are anxious to see the world in disorder, he will never let them go like this. After such a round, almost everyone was punished. No, it seems that Ziheng has never lost! "Yes, Ziheng has never lost. How can we let him go like this?" Cai Liu looked at Zhou yuanyan suspiciously and reached out to catch him: "Zi Heng,pumpkin seed extract, did you cheat?" Zhou yuanyan stepped back and said, "Do you blame me for not being as good as others?"? Can't afford to lose? Who can't afford to lose! If we go on, I don't believe you won't lose! 。 prius-biotech.com

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