Night Garden

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"Uh.." I just nodded. Yeah, he's a weirdo. Just as he was muttering, Ye Xuan flew onto his horse and held out his hand to me.

"Uh.." I just nodded. Yeah, he's a weirdo. Just as he was muttering, Ye Xuan flew onto his horse and held out his hand to me. I stepped back and looked at him warily. "You don't want me to ride with you, do you?" "So much nonsense." Ye Xuan stared at me discontentedly, and by the way, without waiting for me to protest, he pulled me on the horse and sat in front of him. I rubbed to make myself more comfortable. To be honest, this horse is very obedient, I could not help patting its back: "Xuan, come on!" " The man in the back laughed, and I turned around and stared at him ferociously: "Not you, it!" " Ye Xuan raised his hand and patted me on the top of his head. "Little thing." "Young master, you are very ill." I gave him a white look and stopped talking. Night Xuan paused for a moment, suddenly laughed, also did not say much, on horseback. There were two people on the horse. The road was slippery and there were many trees. The speed was not too fast. I was still a little nervous. I grasped the saddle with my hands. My posture was not very comfortable. Ye Xuan held the reins with one hand, and the other hand slipped to my waist inadvertently. It was not strong, but mostly protective. I dare not refuse, according to his personality, most of the refusal can only bring more serious consequences. Apart from the sound of the horse's hooves,jujube seed powder, all I heard seemed to be my own heartbeat. Fortunately, finally out of the woods, the line of sight is getting wider and wider, but the light is not too bright, the sun gradually set. We are all silent, silent in the field of vision, gradually showing the spectacular. It turned out that the deep part of the dense forest was the cliff of a huge black reef, and below the cliff was the black sea. I can't tell you how I feel,naringenin price, because the scene in front of me is beyond the expectation of all my life experiences. If we say that the beauty of the night garden lies in its tranquility, its mystery and its depth. The beauty of the high cliff and the sea in front of us lies in its anger and heroism. I don't know why I think of such extreme words as anger and heroism, but I know that I am confused by the sea, by the roaring, wave after wave of momentum. Beautiful, huh? This is a secret, my secret. Originally, there was a high wall coming out of the woods, and I had it torn down. Ye Xuan took me to the edge of the cliff and whispered in my ear. I looked down at the huge rocks under the cliff, and the pale waves that kept beating against the rocks, and I was dizzy and in a trance. There's no sound here except the waves. It's quiet, isn't it? Ye Xuan still whispered in my ear, his chest pressed against my back, and I could even feel the shock of his words. I like here. I can think a lot of things here. Sometimes I feel very small. If I jump down from here, phycocyanin spirulina ,saw palmetto extract, I will be submerged in an instant. There is nothing left. Sometimes I feel very strong, as if standing on the top of all things, and the huge waves below are my worship. Night Xuan said slowly, his voice has been very nice, deep magnetic. Young master, if your words reach the court now, you will be guilty of conspiracy. I said calmly. Ye Xuan chuckled. He finally put his arms around my waist and pressed back. "If you betray me, I can throw you down from here." I struggled awkwardly, but I didn't dare to move too hard. After all, it was on a horse, and the horse was standing on the edge of a cliff. You have something on your mind? I suddenly asked a strange question to myself. Mind.. He laughed. "There must be something alive." "Shouldn't you be preparing for the emissary of the Kingdom of Ryukyu to come to Xiuzhuang at this time?"? Why did you bring me here? I talk about him from left to right. He was silent: "Yes, how can I have time here …" Xia Weimian, I don't know why I'm here, especially. And with you. "Embroidery Village will be in trouble, right?" I asked calmly. He pulled my jaw and looked me in the eye. I didn't run away and looked at him. Xia Weimian, your most powerful move is to turn a blind eye to me. You don't have me in your eyes for the time being. Ye Xuan let go of me, hesitated and said, "When the people of the Kingdom of Liu come, you should also go to Xiuzhuang to help me." "Why?" "Because I need it." "I'm not going. I'm just an embroiderer in the Night Garden, not in the Night Village.". ” "You're going." "I'm not going. I hate meeting people I don't know, especially people from Ryukyu. They like to collude with sea bandits." "You're going." "I'm not going. Why should I listen to you?" "You're going." "I'm not going." "You're going." "Ye Xuan, for the last time, I, no, go!" I looked into his eyes angrily. He has a little me in his eyes. Chapter 22 Early in the morning, I was already standing in the embroidery village. It's no use arguing, especially with the black bear! It's a little depressing to think about it. He looked at Ye Xuan and Ye Zuishan ferociously, frowning and pointing out the rivers and mountains, and his anger did not come from one place. However Xiu Li Gan Kun is really different from the last time. There were only a few guards in the open, but the guards in the dark were enough to keep the birds from flying out. Apart from Ye's father and son, all the officials from top to bottom of the Haiping government office had arrived, including the guards of the Haiping army, the town, the garrison, and the customs, and so on. One by one in full battle array, the hot day, the official dress is unprecedented neat, afraid of a small detail is not good to provoke the court, provoked the emissary of the Ryukyu. I have some disdain in my heart. Isn't it just a small country? When has it become a climate? Why are you still so polite when you rob my Tianyin products and disturb my Tianyin sea world? Are you really afraid of them! The court does not know how to think, at the mercy of others? It is said that the reception of envoys does not need to be received by the Minister of Labor, but this time it broke the specifications. Look at the red carpet, which extends all the way from the gate of the embroidery village. It's lanterns and colored streamers, and it's not the New Year, it's really. "Sister Mian." Pearl walked up to me with a hesitant face and a slightly red face. What's the matter? I'm a little surprised. She bit her lip, looked at Ye Xuan,stesweet stevia, who was directing the red carpet with the officials, and then looked at me, hesitating to speak.