Violent doctor (complete)

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Ye Lin stopped, suddenly turned around, with the help of the power of turning around

Ye Lin stopped, suddenly turned around, with the help of the power of turning around, the purple spirit staff swept, severely hit the Fire Wolf King. The Fire Wolf King was hit and retreated six or seven meters in a row. Ye Lin turned her eyes white and said, "You girl, you only know how to play!" Star Sugar smiled and scratched his head. "Sister, just give it to me." "Come on!" Ye Lin stepped back and flashed past the attack of the Fire Wolf King. "Now is not the time to play. We have to hurry up. Now is an extraordinary time. We have to rush back to the Demon City as soon as possible!" "Star sugar think also right, now is not the time to play, so nodded, also did not speak again." Craig, come over here and beat this ***ing wolf down! Ye Lin looked at Craig, the black dragon flying in the air, and said loudly. Master, leave it to me! With a powerful wave of his wings, Craig's huge body turned into a black streamer and came to the Fire Wolf King in the blink of an eye. Touch! As soon as Craig's dragon wagged its tail, the Fire Wolf King was hit and flew out. Ye Lin put away the purple spirit staff and stepped toward the girls. She wasn't worried about Craig's battle with the Fire Wolf King. This is not a level of combat at all, Craig is like an adult, Fire Wolf King is a child, but also kindergarten. The Fire Wolf King who chased the kitten was also accepted by Xiaofeng at this time. One is the mythical beast Phoenix,tube lip gloss, the other is the eighth-order advanced Warcraft, which is also a battle without any suspense. When Craig and Xiaofeng tortured the two Fire Wolf Kings to death, Ye Lin waved the Purple Spirit Staff at will and turned the two Fire Wolf Kings into pet eggs. The fire wolf king strength is general, but anyhow is the eighth rank senior Warcraft, moreover the image is also good, definitely may sell a good price. Sister, I think.. The iced coffee hesitated for a moment and said, "I think we should go back to the magic city." As soon as the star sugar listens to the iced coffee to say that seals the magic city,metal cosmetic tubes, immediately great anger, "I said the coffee, just when the battle your head lets the fire wolf kick?"? Go back now? Are you kidding me? Good baby also said: "Very not easy to cross the Red Leaf Plain, came to this Pingyuan Valley.". How can you give up when you can see the ten-order mythical beast now? The iced coffee lifted his head and said, "I know what you said, but …" This Pingyuan Valley is too dangerous! The fire wolf has already posed a threat to us. The more you go inside, the stronger the monster you will encounter. What if something happens? Even if we can successfully reach the depths of Pingyuan Valley and see the ten-order mythical beast, what can we do? The tenth order mythical beast, this is the first wild tenth order mythical beast in the illusion, can we certainly subdue it? The star sugar and the good baby looked at each other and did not speak. The kitten thought for a moment and said, "Coffee is right. We really underestimated the Pingyuan Valley.". However, it is a pity to give up now. In my opinion, let's move on. If you really encounter any danger, it's not too late to choose to retreat. "But I'm afraid it'll be too late by then!" Iced coffee sighed and said. Ye Lin waved her hand with a smile and said, eye cream packaging tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, "Well, well, take things as they come. Why do you think so much?"? When we decided to come to Pingyuan Valley, we already knew that this trip was very dangerous, didn't we? It's not the style of our rain alliance to give up halfway. "You mean move on, Wayan?" The iced coffee looked at Ye Lin and asked. Ye Lin raised her hand and patted the iced coffee on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Of course!"! It's not easy for us to come here. It would be a pity if we choose to seal the Devil City now, wouldn't it? Furthermore, you should not underestimate your strength too much. Yes, it was a little dangerous to fight against thousands of fire wolves just now. But have you forgotten that we all retain our strength. If you do not retain the power, these thousands of fire wolves, also feel that they can be easily destroyed. ” "Yes, yes!" Good baby repeatedly nodded, "If I do not retain the strength, continuous element arrows, absolutely kill the fire wolves crying father and mother!" Star Sugar also said: "The elder sister is right, if not to retain the strength, the destruction of these fire wolves that is not easy ah?" "Well, I'll listen to my elder sister." Iced coffee nodded slightly, no longer mentioning the matter of sealing the magic city. Ye Lin laughed and said, "Well, hurry up and clean up the battlefield, and then let's move on." Cleaning up the battlefield, collecting the booty, led by iced coffee, was done quickly. Thousands of fire wolves, but the number of explosive equipment is not small. But the fire wolf is only the intermediate Warcraft, the nature explodes not to have any good equipment. These equipment, the women also did not look carefully, then received the goods column, ready to get back to the magic city after the dream Yuxuan to sell. After the two super "wet nurses", the bell and the purple wind chime, waved their staffs to help the women to be in a good state again, Ye Lin led the women to continue walking towards the depths of Pingyuan Valley. Chapter 314 wooing (Shang). In the meeting hall of the domineering legion guild, sitting on the main seat, sitting on the right chair is a middle-aged man with a fat figure. The middle-aged man looks very ordinary. Putting him in the crowd will never attract the attention of others. However, it is such a middle-aged man who looks ordinary and can not be more ordinary, but is the helmsman of Song's enterprise, a well-known rich man in China! "What is the purpose of Song's sudden visit to me?" Looking at the middle-aged man sitting in a chair, holding a cup of tea and drinking tea comfortably, I can't help feeling curious. However, he did not ask. Overbearing Gang Leader, I heard that you entered the final of the Heroes Conference, and Song came to congratulate you. The middle-aged man put the teacup aside and said with a smile. Believe you, I'm out of my mind! He snorted coldly in his heart,empty lotion tubes, laughed and said, "Song Dong is a busy man. He came to congratulate him specially. I'm really flattered." The middle-aged man smiled and waved his hand and said. Tao : "What the domineering gang leader said is a little strange. If you take Song Mou as a friend, don't say it again." 。

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