Super handsome boy (Dasi)

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"Yes," said Ling Feng with a smile, "you are also very clever.

"Yes," said Ling Feng with a smile, "you are also very clever. I really dare not kill you! Because if you die, my suspicion is undoubtedly the biggest, even Xia Qingge can not escape responsibility, although I have some strength, but compared with the Lin family is too insignificant, so I not only can not kill you, but also do everything possible to protect your safety. But I didn't say I would kill you! Looking at Ling Feng's malicious smile, Lin Ruohan turned his eyes and his voice suddenly cooled down, "Do you want to molest me?" Ling Feng smiled, smiling happily, "I found that talking to smart people is really a happy thing!"! You're so smart, that's why I asked if you were virgins! Now you, in addition to that layer of hymen, what else is worth my revenge? Lin Ruohan was in a panic. He looked around and found no possibility of escape. He coldly threatened, "Aren't you afraid of being retaliated by the Lin family?"? You will pay a heavy price for this! Ling Feng snorted disdainfully, "even if I don't do that, don't you also send someone to kill me?"? Things have come this far, what is there to be afraid of? “……” Lin Ruohan could not speak. If a man is not afraid of death, what else can threaten him? Ling Feng looked at Lin Ruohan like a cat playing with a mouse and said, "I thought you would not come because of a guilty conscience. If that's the case,collapsible bulk container, maybe you can escape the disaster.". Unfortunately, you are too confident, even if I know everything, I dare not kill you, or even can not do anything to you! Yes, I dare not kill you, rob you something, you do not care,plastic wheelie bins, but did not think that my goal is your virginity? Sometimes, there is a price to pay for being too smart. “……” Watching a smart person eat and hold back, especially a smart person who is still tit for tat with himself, is really a happy thing. What's more, this smart man is a very beautiful woman? It's even more fun. Ling Feng stretched out his hand and touched her ruddy face as if he were molesting a young girl. "Why don't you speak?" He said with a smile? Didn't you say that just now? Why don't you talk now? Suddenly, Lin Ruohan took a charming look at Ling Feng and smiled, just like a beautiful poppy flower. Body also like Ling Feng leaned over, "you are not trying to rape me?"? Then what are you waiting for? Come on! With these words, the chest pushed forward, and the pair of plump enough to make people spray nosebleeds almost burst the clothes. She even put her index finger in her mouth and bit it gently, winking like silk, seducing her soul, like the heroine in a love action film in a certain country. Now, it's Ling Feng's turn to be in a daze, how can this woman. So bold all of a sudden? Moreover, her ideas suddenly became unpredictable. Lin Ruohan leaned against Ling Feng and said, stackable plastic pallets ,spill plastic pallet, "If you want to do it, hurry up.". However, remember not to get blood on my skirt, it will be seen, when the time comes, even if people want to hide for you, I am afraid they can not hide. "You don't regret it?" Ling Feng gave her a strange look, "are you sure you don't resist?" Lin Ruohan said with a charming smile, "I am just a little woman, but you are a big man. Can I resist?"? Aren't you still raped by you? Since you can't resist, you might as well enjoy it. Besides, the more I resist, I'm afraid the more pleasure you get? If I'm going to be raped by you, why should I give you so much pleasure? On the contrary, if I enjoy it instead of resisting, the pleasure of your rape will be minimized, right? I will not let you get pleasure in the body at the same time, the spirit can also get pleasure! I am a woman who will stop at nothing for profit. Even if there is only a little profit, I will try my best to fight for it. “……” Now it was Ling Feng's turn to be speechless. In other words, this woman's idea is really quite strange. As Lin Ruohan spoke, he untied his clothes and said with a charming smile, "If you want to do it, hurry up. Otherwise, after a long time, they will be suspicious.". ” “……” …… …… 233 Chapter 232 if something goes wrong, there must be a demon. It should be said that Lin Ruohan not only has a beautiful face, but also has a good figure. It is really a very happy thing to be able to appreciate such a woman undressing at close range. But Ling Feng can not be happy, but some do not know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, you have to figure out the circumstances under which she took off her clothes. If two people love each other and she is willing to undress for you, that is naturally the best. But now the situation is not like this at all, two people not only have no feelings, even have not met several times. In fact, there are many cases that have not met, such as many men who spend money to solve some physiological needs, and the MM who undresses in front of them may not even have met once before, and they should do what they should do. But now it is obvious that Ling Feng is not visiting this Miss Lin-it is estimated that the people in the world who can visit her have not yet appeared. How to say, this should be regarded as a planned and premeditated indecent assault by a man on a woman. In such an incident, a woman took the initiative to undress. Ling Feng feels that he is really a failure! MLGB, what is this? Did I molest her or did she molest me? Soon, Lin Ruohan's jacket was taken off, leaving only a lace bra. Lin Ruohan turned around, folded the jacket he had taken off neatly, put it next to his bag, and then, with a backhand and a finger, the lace bra fell off, and a pair of white rabbits jumped lively and white. In order to show her proud capital, Lin Ruohan, after removing the bra,plastic pallet supplier, also deliberately straightened his chest forward and smiled seductively at Ling Feng. Ling Feng's eyes are straight. Although he is no longer a junior brother, but in the face of this temptation, there is also an almost instinctive desire to move.