Zha Gong always cries for me.

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Duan Wanyao immediately regretted why he said that, hurriedly changed the subject: "Yes, I mean you don't like him!"

Duan Wanyao immediately regretted why he said that, hurriedly changed the subject: "Yes, I mean you don't like him!"! Brother Mi, didn't you say that as long as you won the Golden Music Award, your career would be stable and you would be able to come back to me? Yin Mi was dizzy, and remembered that he had lied to Luo yuanqing like this: as long as he won the Golden Music Award, his career would be stable, and when he came out of the closet, it would not affect his resources, he would disclose his relationship with Luo yuanqing. Over the years, Luo yuanqing has been working hard for such a promise. He forgot to eat and sleep to create, in order to find the right musical instruments around, his efforts are spent on his own body, and never ask for anything in return. Yin Mi suddenly felt that he had a special headache, and Duan Wanyao was still crying, which made him even more irritable. He felt that he needed some time to sort out his own clues, so he interrupted Duan Wanyao's crying, regardless of Duan Wanyao's mood, to "rest" as an excuse to send Duan Yanyao away. Still not reconciled, Duan Wanyao went to the door,euro plastic pallet, then turned around and said angrily, "Brother Mi, you're thinking about him here. Do you know what he thinks?"? Is he still dead set on you as before? He might have betrayed you and been with someone else! Yin Mi's face suddenly darkened. "What did you say?" She said in a cold voice. "I said, he might have climbed the high branch long ago!" Duan Wanyao was so angry that she trembled. "Lan Xu has expressed his love to him!"! He must be eager to get mixed up with Lan Xu right away. Maybe when you go home today, he's gone! As if struck by lightning, Yin Mi opened his lips slightly. After a moment of stiffness, he stared at Duan Wanyao and said,plastic bulk containers, "What do you mean?"? Did you say Lan Xu expressed his love to him? Duan Wanyao looked at Yin Mi's expression in shock. Anger, jealousy, unwillingness.. Yin Mi's appearance now is exactly the same as her usual jealousy. If do not mention Lan Xu, Yin Mi can also slightly control their emotions, but when it comes to Lan Xu's confession to Luo yuanqing, Yin Mi instantly exploded. She said the wrong thing again, and every word she said today was pushing Yin Mi to Luo yuanqing's side. But now she can not take back those words, only full of regret, let her in vain to grasp Yin Mi's arm, panic tunnel: "Mi brother, I really like you, I have waited for you for so many years.." Yin Mi did not give her a chance to finish speaking, directly shook off her hand, gnashed her teeth and strode away. He was in a terrible panic now, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and there was only one thought left in his mind, that is, to see Luo yuanqing at once! "Brother Mi!" Duan Wan Yao looked at the back of Yin Mi's departure angrily and anxiously, and finally realized that she had completely lost, and that the feelings she had paid for so many years had become a joke. But no one forced her to intervene between Luo yuanqing and Yin Mi, is her own fault, she knew that Yin Mi is a slag man, but still regardless of the ground rushed up. So who's to blame for being hurt now? On the way back to the villa, Yin Mi also knew what Duan Wanyao meant by "Lan Xu's confession". Before and Luo yuanqing's photo hung so many days of hot search, Lan Xu has not responded, today's interview, the reporter mentioned the photo, asked who is the person in the photo, and what is his relationship. His answer was very ambiguous and disgusting. …… That's a very special person to me. He has the same passionate love for music as I do, and he has great musical talent. I appreciate him very, very much. The reporter feels to dig big news, continue to ask: "Is the relation between that you, very close really?" Lan Xu gave a wry smile to the camera and said, "We're not friends. We've only met twice. He left in a hurry without even telling me his name.". I want to be intimate with him, but I don't even know when I'll see him again. The reporter continued with a smile, "But you are a big star. He may be looking at you in front of the screen now. Do you have anything to say to him?" Lan Xu turned his head and looked at the camera with deep eyes like the sea. His eyes seemed to pass gently through the camera to the person. With a smile on his lips, he said, "I have written some melodies in the past few days when I have been separated from you for a while, but I still feel something is wrong. It would be nice to work with you again. We must be able to combine these melodic fragments into a perfect song.". If you can actually see it.. Well, I'm really looking forward to seeing you again. Lan Xu's sculptural face was coated with a gentle color in the romantic warm yellow light. He sat there looking at the camera with a slightly lost expression like an abandoned beast, which could crush people's hearts. !!!” Looking at the hot search on Weibo, Luo yuanqing's heart began to beat fast, hurriedly said to 999, "God, Lanxu baby really knows how to play his beauty offensive, I can't help it, now I want to rush over!" 999 is a little strange: "Doesn't he know who you are?"? Why don't you know? Holding his mobile phone, Luo yuanqing watched Lan Xu's video repeatedly and replied: "Because my character setting is very timid, he was afraid of scaring me, so he had to use this circuitous way to brush the sense of existence.". After all, I have been staying in this house these days, and he can't rush in to find me. But do you believe that if I go out of this door now, he will immediately have five hundred ways to meet me by chance? 999 answered without interest, "Are you going out now?"? But Yin Mi is coming back soon, and it's about ten minutes' drive. Luo yuanqing jumped up from the sofa and complained, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"? Affect my performance! Turn off all the lights in the house quickly and quickly! At the same time, after watching the interview with Lan Xu, Yin Mi has stepped on the accelerator to the bottom and is running all the way to the villa. His fingers on the steering wheel were white from too much force, and his face was twisted from clenching his teeth. He did not dare to come out publicly,wholesale plastic pallet, which would greatly affect his resources. He thought that Lan Xu did not dare either, so he did not care about everything before, just as Lan Xu was selling corruption and hype. cnplasticpallet.com

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