Broken time and space

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The media were also surprised that this was the first time that the government forces took the initiative to ask for such provocative news.

"Also, the gunmen sent by the guerrillas have been killed jointly by us, and I will announce the news in the media of the region soon." Zhao Li did not say much about the consequences of this act, but this time it really surprised everyone. The meaning of killing together, that is to say, the whole camp worked together to kill the gunmen, for those guerrillas, the gunmen they sent to vent their anger for these guys in the camp, but were killed, this is a typical conspiracy, will definitely lead to retaliation. If Zhao Li really does this, there is only one consequence, that is, everyone has no way out, can only follow Zhao Li a road to the black. I'm sure you all know the consequences. After throwing out the desperate situation, Zhao Li began to throw out a little hope: "This is the army, not a charitable organization,warehouse pallet racks, not a nursing home!"! You are soldiers, machines used to fight and kill, not beggars who hide in this bird's nest to survive! Be a dignified soldier or a beggar, you choose! Dismissed! Leaving a group of people who did not know what they were thinking, Zhao Li and Li Mengdie Christine returned to the barracks. Those people really need to think about it, and Zhao Li also needs time to revise his thinking. This was a coincidence, and with the help of the gunmen killed by Li Mengdie and Christine,heavy duty metal racks, Zhao Li could take advantage of this and push everyone to the opposite side of the guerrillas. With this relationship, Zhao Licai can safely and boldly accept these people. How impassioned! Christine looked at Zhao Li's still meditative appearance and seemed to divert her attention to tease Zhao Li. I can't help it. These guys are too tired. It won't change easily without some strong medicine. Zhao Li gave a wry smile. I just really said well, if it is really easy to grasp here, the world will not be so many disputes, here will not be called the Golden Five Stars. But those guys don't seem to have a way. In the end, you pulled them all onto the pirate ship, and you couldn't even get down. Li Mengdie frowned and affirmed Zhao Li's last resort, but he was further worried about Zhao Li's safety: "But I'm sure that even if you succeed now, they must hate you.". Maybe they'll sell you to the guerrillas. "Even if I didn't push them, they didn't let me go today." Zhao Li is telling the truth, the gunman is directed at Zhao Li. Even if did not pull them on the pirate ship, they will also lay hands on Zhao Li. That being the case, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty cantilever racks, why should there be any mercy? "What should we do next?" Li Mengdie asked, without a superfluous voice. These guys, they still need training. They're too bad. Zhao Li has some helplessness, this problem has been thought for a long time, or there is no immediate solution, can only step by step: "First let them return to the life of soldiers, and then increase combat effectiveness bit by bit, can only be so." "There seems to be something wrong with this gunman." Li Mengdie was still studying the body of the gunman carefully, and soon found the problem: "Christine, what weapon did you use at that time?" Such a long distance was not solved by the assault rifles of Zhao Li and Li Mengdie. At first, Zhao Li always thought it was Christine's sniper rifle, and when he heard Li Mengdie say so, he immediately surrounded him. The gunshot wound on the body is indeed the mark caused by the bullet of the sniper rifle. It's just that the man seemed to be in an interesting state before he died, as if he had been waiting for a shooting. The part that was hit was the center of the forehead. It's not that Christine is a bad shot, it's just that she's a little too good. Zhao Li looked at the body of the gunman, frowned and asked: "What was seen in the scope at that time?" Christine took one look and sat back in her chair. Hearing Zhao Li's question, she spread out her hands: "It's just a posture ready to shoot!" Ready to shoot? Zhao Li and Li Mengdie looked at each other and saw the doubts in each other's eyes. It seems that at that time, there was no threat of gunfire and bullets in this direction, so Zhao Li and Li Mengdie were able to deal with the other two sides boldly and confidently. At that time, they thought it was Christine who solved the problem. Is there any secret in it? "Dissect the body, Christine, and see what else is on the body besides the gunshot wound." Zhao Li made a simple decision, the problem inside, must be found out. Zhao Li did not break his promise. That afternoon, the main media in the city, not far from the barracks, published the news that the government forces had killed two gunmen who had shot at the barracks. They not only had clear photos of the gunmen, but also announced the number of casualties of the government forces. The media were also surprised that this was the first time that the government forces took the initiative to ask for such provocative news. No matter what Zhao Li's purpose is, he seems to be a bit of an idiot. Didn't you turn yourself into a target of public criticism? Can the anger of the guerrillas be borne by a small military camp? However, since some people want to die, the media will not come forward to block this opportunity to increase their sales, why should it be pushed outward? Originally still holding the last glimmer of hope, thought Zhao Li can rein in at the brink of the precipice, do not put everyone on the opposite side of the guerrillas of those soldiers, finally found in vain, all hopes are dashed. All afternoon, it seemed like there was something wrong with those guys. The results of Christine's autopsy soon came out, and the conclusion was very surprising. The internal organs of the corpse were almost broken, but they could not be seen from the outside. And based on visceral congestion and other symptoms, this is a person who was attacked while still alive. Even if Christine doesn't shoot,shuttle rack system, the shooter is a dead man. Could it be that in this ghost place, there are still people secretly protecting Zhao Li? The general arranged it? Or did the old warden arrange it? Zhao Li can only guess so. It's still secret protection? It sounds incredible, but there is no better reason to explain the cause of the gunman's death.