Fierce Ghost Shelter System

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Our crew has made great efforts to invite the leading actors and actresses! If they are not the leading actors, the investors will withdraw their funds!!!

After all, seven or eight strong men came out and surrounded the stone bed. They found that it was indeed a stone slab. But this thickness, this weight, they pushed several times, with all their strength, but did not move at all. Director Zhang, don't joke. Six of them will drill here. I don't believe it even if I kill them! "Yes, Director Zhang, hurry to look for it somewhere else. Don't listen to this young man's nonsense." A group of people muttered that they had just tested the weight of the slate, and now no one would believe that the missing actors would enter it. Cut the crap. You can't move it. Qin Kun rolled up his sleeves, a few people see Qin Kun is stronger, where does he come from the confidence to lift this thing? "I said, little brother, don't try to be brave. This thing weighs hundreds or thousands of pounds." A strong man was somewhat unconvinced and reminded Qin Kundao. Director Zhang, it's possible to destroy this room. Is it all right? Zhang Ping is stupefied, the actor drills under the stone slab this kind of strange matter, he will not believe at all, just saw Qin Kun said firmly just thought to try, did not expect, this Qin little brother is so serious? Finding that Qin Kun really wanted to come by himself, Zhang Ping said, "No,mobile racking systems, it's all right." But "Take them out, young lady," said Qin Kun. "Good!" Chu Qianxun called people out of the stone house, and three oil lamps appeared in front of him. Zhang Ping is still confused. Director Zhang, is this man making it up? How did the six of them get into the stone slab? "Yes, Director Zhang, and that boy, can he have so much strength?" To please the public with claptrap, where did this man come from? Neuropathy. Zhang Ping did not know why Qin Kun was sure that the six people he had lost were under the stone slab,wire mesh decking, but it seemed that Qin Kun was not a boring joke, nor did he pretend to be forced. Forget it, we'll see what happens later. Get up!!! In the room, a loud shout came out and echoed out. Then, the sound of the stone slab rubbing made people's bones tingle. The stone slab covering it was so seamless that it could not be started. It could only be pushed first to expose the edge. Then Qin Kun grabbed the stone slab with both hands and lifted it fiercely. Thousands of pounds of stone slabs made Qin Kun's arms tremble, but as soon as he lifted them, the stone slabs were erected on the ground with a thump, the earth shook, and the whole room rustled with ashes. This is not a stone bed, Qin Kun now see, this is the'stone coffin '! A large'stone coffin ', even half, buried in the earth! There was no evil thing running out, and there were no six missing people in it. However, under the stone slab, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, there is a coffin. Chapter Three Six Seven, Camera, Follow Me [Second Watch] When a group of people entered the house, they found that it was actually a'stone coffin 'with a coffin inside, and their scalp was numb. We I'm filming in a place like this! "Is Director Lu crazy?!" "What about the six?" "Yes, what about the six?" Zhang Ping looked at Qin Kun, some helpless, originally made supernatural movies, there are many taboos, not every actor likes to take this kind of play. Qin Kun said he wanted to find someone, but he opened the coffin, how could the people around him be appeased, and how could the film be made? "Director Zhang, I want to go back." Not tonight! I don't want to shoot! Finally, they found a suitable reason not to go to filming, and everyone resisted. Zhang Ping is sweating, has been unable to control the field, he wiped his forehead, want to say something, but the train of thought was disturbed by the noise. But a voice appeared. You can't go back! The voice is not loud, full of gas, there seems to be a tiger roar in the chest, deafening. Qin Kun looked at the group and took out his cell phone. It was 11:59 p.m. What are you! Why don't you let us go back? "Don't listen to this boy, let's go!" "I am the leading actor, I do not shoot, do not believe that this play can be filmed!" Qin Kun Leng Eye: "Starring?"? I don't even know your name. What are you doing? The leading actor who played the Dragon and Tiger Heavenly Master was choked and his face was as ugly as a pig's liver. ***! But will encounter'Taiyin marching array 'ah! Are you going back now to draw these guys out? At this time, Qin Kun knew that everyone was the safest to be closest to him. The Eye of Heaven had already discovered that the six people had been pulled into the coffin and killed. Qin Kun suddenly saw the script in the hands of the leading actor, and his eyes lit up. Young lady, change your clothes! Qin Kun threw her a script. Chu Qianxun was stunned. Change, change clothes? Qin Kun walked over and patted Zhang Ping on the cheek: "Director Zhang, don't pay any attention to them. I'll be patted later. Be sure to follow closely.". Give you an industry blockbuster. Zhang Ping looked confused and saw Qin Kun forcibly stripped the costume of the leading actor and put it on himself. Chu Qianxun also took off the heroine's costume and put it on in a good way. Qin Brother Qin! What are you doing?! Our crew has made great efforts to invite the leading actors and actresses! If they are not the leading actors, the investors will withdraw their funds!!! Zhang Ping shouted, "Don't hurt me!" Cut the crap, Zhang Ping, I'm saving you! Is it not clear to the producer? Without that investor, Miss Chu is also a gold owner. You only invested 2000 yuan in this film. Miss Chu's family has plenty of money! Everybody else get in position and stay close to us! Qin Kun found that although he was wearing his costume, there was a problem with his hairstyle. ***, for the sake of the hairstyle, it's disgusting. In the ghost spear'Xuanfu 'in the body, all the'filth' is accumulated on the scalp. Swish A black waterfall of long hair burst down from the scalp. Long temples, strong body, fit the costume, compared to the leading actor, a hundred times more pleasing to the eye. Mobile phone time still has 10 seconds to 0 o'clock in the morning, Qin Kun takes back the mobile phone, discover Zhang Ping and the people of the crew have been muddled, where did this hair come from?! “5,4,3,2,1! Zhang Ping, all cameras, stay with me!!! Qin Kun stood outside the house, his robe blowing without wind,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and then the coffin in the house suddenly made a loud explosion. Boom The earth trembled, the stone house trembled, and the teeth of Zhang Ping and the crew trembled beyond belief.

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