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even when he entered the core area of the engineering department, Xu Le did not seem to be so excited and nervous at this time.

Maybe it's because of July Liuhuo. Perhaps when she was qualified to seek romance, Xu Le just sat beside her and helped her, so there was no reason. \///Minami was very impressed with this small-eyed man. I thought there was no possibility of meeting again after parting, and I was a little frustrated, but I met again at the cocktail party tonight. Is this called fate? Nan Xiangmei thought so nervously. Then I don't know when I came to Xu Le. She lowered her head slightly and answered softly, "Hello." Then she looked up and asked earnestly, "Can I have your name?" People, her face is not how eye-catching, not to mention Zou Yu that kind of cold in the cool charm, but that dignified and beautiful eyebrows and eyes. And thick black ears, people will have a very comfortable feeling. Xu Le, who has lived under the same roof with the daughter of the Zou family for so many days, is naturally more resistant to beautiful women. But he has to admit that the girl in front of him is really excellent. After hearing this brave question, he was stunned and bowed his head and said, "My name is Xu Le." I don't know if Park Ji-ho's widow said his name in tears. Xu Le thought with some complicated emotions. Nan Xiangmei slanted her head slightly. He frowned doubtfully, feeling that the name sounded familiar. But I can't remember where I heard it at the moment. At this time, Magnolia has already retreated to the distance, as a secretary. He thought that Xu Le would not like to have his own presence on this occasion. After Xu Le and Nan Xiangmei reported their names to each other, they suddenly did not know what to say. After an awkward silence. Nan Xiangmei plucked up her courage and said earnestly, "Where is Mr. Xu?" This very formal tone let Xu Le Leng Leng, some do not adapt, scratched his head and laughed out loud. Nan Xiangmei could not help but cover her mouth and smile. Her family education was so rigorous that she was even a little rigid. There were not many opportunities to talk casually with the opposite sex except Douhai. She did not expect that the man named Xu Le in front of her was almost as stiff as her own reaction. \/// Just as Xu Le was about to answer, there was a sudden sound of footsteps. A figure walked directly past him, bumping him on the shoulder with some impoliteness, and with several people who looked like followers, it was very rude to stop between him and Nan Xiangmei. The man smiled and said something to Nan Xiangmei before turning around and looking at Xu Le coldly. This is a young man, dressed in light blue,ceramic welding tape, light hemp material and excellent tailoring, so that the casual style in summer with a hint of dress breath, appeared in this high-level cocktail party, it is particularly appropriate, even that some frivolous light blue, at this moment is not very uncomfortable. Dou Hai. Nan Xiangmei's voice, which was somewhat unhappy but still calm, rang out. She didn't want the man to misunderstand anything, because she knew very well how terrible the family behind the young man was. Although in the cocktail party, the family's self-cultivation will not let him do anything immediately, but if Xu Le does not have enough vigilance, really offended this person, she will feel very guilty. I'm Minami Sang-mi's fiance, ceramic bobbin element ,alumina c799, Lim Doo-hae. Who are you? Lin Douhai looked at Xu Le, the meaning of this sentence is very common, but the direct sentence is full of unpleasant taste. Hearing the word "Dou Hai", Xu Le thought of what the man on the high-speed railway had said to Nan Xiangmei. Knowing that the other party must have an unusual relationship with Nan Xiangmei, he was going to forget the previous impolite collision, but he didn't expect that the other party didn't mean to calm things down. "That children of the seven great family I know are generally more polite." Xu Le glanced at Lin Douhai and said with a smile. Seven people, in the hearts of ordinary federal citizens is a distant and unreachable existence, will subconsciously give respect or bow, but it is impossible to include Xu Le. He washed his hair for the little princess of the Zhong family, took the prince of the family to break his place, and watched the little star dance with the seven of the Li family. In front of him, there is no sense of mystery, on the contrary, because of many past experiences, his usual silent smile, rarely given to the children of these seven. Lin Douhai, originally is the son of the Lin family, so what? Douhai is wide, but after all, it is not as real as the mid-mountain. Hearing Xu Le's words, Lin Douhai's expression changed slightly, and Nan Xiangmei was somewhat surprised. Neither of them thought that the small-eyed man seemed to know their family background from the beginning. Just then, the phone in Xu Le's clothes rang suddenly. After connecting the phone, his face changed slightly. After a moment, he slowly relaxed and asked nervously, "It's all right. Why is it ahead of schedule?"? I'll be back soon After three hurried sentences, Xu Le nodded to Nan Xiangmei, but without looking at Lin Douhai, he went to the middle of the reception and pulled Zhou Yu out of the crowd, whispered a few words, and quickly left the reception. Secretary Bai, who used to be quiet and silent, did not know when to follow him quietly. He felt a little strange: even when he entered the core area of the engineering department, Xu Le did not seem to be so excited and nervous at this time. Who was on the other end of the phone and what did he say? Lin Douhai looked at the figure who left after drinking, listening to the words of the attendant, can not help but angry, family children have their own self-cultivation, but the other side is only the third-level technical director of nutshell, coupled with the previous scene, it is difficult for him to accept the other side to leave. (Please remember or keep reading the nest Www. Duduwo. Com) Chapter 158 of the main text July Liuhuo (middle). Readers are welcome to log on to the Reading Wo Novel Network to see more excellent works. By the window of the Ivy Club in the annex of the Peninsula Hotel, Lin Dou Haiying suddenly opened his mouth and said, "If he had dared to stay here before, he would have run away for a reason. His previous calmness was just an act." Behind him stood a middle-aged man, who was not tall,Ceramic Band Heater, dressed in an old-fashioned light silver shirt, with a very thick neck, and did not go on.

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