Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

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But this guy, the whole day does not learn well, thinking about how to get rich overnight, make a lot of money, secretly raising tricks is also a normal thing.

He put his high body flat, raised his head a little, and took care of it with the help of his little buttocks, while Meng Laohan held a dry smoking gun and told us why. It turned out that ten miles ahead of the village, there was a ditch called Heizhugou. The mountain was magnificent, the forest was deep and the grass was dense. It was a great place to go. Few people set foot in it at ordinary times. The local people called its entrance the gate of death. Even hunters dared not enter it. If they entered it, they would die. Why do you say that? Meng Laohan said that in the early days after liberation, the remnants of Hu Zongnan had a company of more than 30 men, but they disappeared; three PLA scouts entered Heizhugou from the direction of Qingtaiping, and only one platoon leader survived; and in 1995, a certain PLA surveying and mapping unit sent two soldiers to buy grain at Jiangan Mountain in Heizhugou, but they disappeared after passing through Heizugou, and later only their weapons were found; In 1976, three members of Enshi Senkan Brigade disappeared in Heizhugou, and the people of the whole county were mobilized to search for them. Three months later, only three fleshless skeletons were found. There are many such legends in the local area, so people in the vicinity dare not approach there, and call Heizhugou the Bermuda of Shennongjia, the Valley of Death. It was such a dangerous place that the villagers turned pale when they talked about it, not to mention going in. However, Wan Chaoan's calf didn't believe in this evil. Yesterday, he said that he had driven the goat in. He was so anxious that his mother jumped to her feet. His father was helping the country in the city. What idea could a woman have? She begged his uncle in the dark,4 person jacuzzi, and then begged to go to Wan San Ye. They went into the mountain at nine o'clock in the morning.. The relationship was somewhat complicated. It took me a long time to figure it out: Wan San Ye's eldest brother, Wan San Ye, had two sons. The youngest son was Wan San Ye's disciple, Wan Chaoan's father, and the eldest son was the "uncle" who came early in the morning to look for him. Two people into the mountain looking for Wan Chaoan, has not returned. Only then did I realize that this was really a matter of urgency, and in the end we had missed another one. When Father Meng mentioned Heizhugou, I found that Zhao Zhonghua's face was a little dignified. When Father Meng finished telling the reason,endless swimming pool, I asked him what was wrong? Zhao Zhonghua told us that he had heard his master talk about Heizhugou, where a war had taken place in ancient times and countless people had died, but that was a very long time ago. Hundreds of thousands of years later, although later generations did not know, it began to become a fierce place. Someone once dug up bones there. The bones were piled on top of each other, and the hostility was solemn. When we heard this, our hearts began to grow heavy. Although I didn't know Third Master Wan, I was more or less respectful when I heard about his deeds. Besides, if he didn't come back, our trip would be in vain. After a while, a group of people came to the entrance of the village. At the front was a middle-aged woman in plain clothes. She cried loudly and shouted, "My son, my son," and went straight over. The woman, a proud mother, rushed over and tried to pick up the child on the ground, Chinese spa manufacturer ,indoor endless pool, but we stopped her one after another to clarify the pros and cons. When she heard this, she sat down on the ground, clapped her hands on the ground, and burst out crying, "Why is my baby like this? What's wrong with it?"? He is a single descendant of our old Gao family for three generations. He is going to die. How can my man and I live? I saw a thin old man with a wisp of goatee coming next to me. He was leaning on a stick of dragon wood. He gently touched the crying woman on the ground and said discontentedly, "Don't cry.." The woman seemed to be pinched in her throat and stopped making a sound. When the little buttock saw the old man, he immediately shouted happily, "Old lady, old lady.." Only then did I realize that this man was Wan San Ye's eldest brother, Mr. Wan. Small buttocks is a child, can not say clearly, next to the Meng father came up to meet, the general situation one by one, when he said that I can see at a glance that this symptom is a snake, and do not let people move the child, the old man fixed his eyes on me for a while, and then hand as a gift, said on behalf of the woman on the ground thank me. I waved my hand and said it was okay to lift a finger. Zhao Zhonghua came forward to meet Mr. Wan. He is the disciple of Wan San Ye, and this Wan San Ye is naturally his Shibo. Mr. Wan had never seen Zhao Zhonghua, but he knew that his third brother had such an apprentice. When he got the number, he exchanged a few pleasantries and felt a little more cordial. After talking about the past, Mr. Wan turned his head and looked at the child lying on the ground. He didn't know anything about witchcraft, but he knew all about it. He didn't check it. He turned around and asked a middle-aged man with a dark face, saying, "Has Pockmarked Wang ever been at home in the west of the village?"? The middle-aged man thought about it and said that he should be there. Yesterday, Pockmarked Wang and his mother were still chatting with people under the big locust tree in the village. They said that his son had stayed at home all day since he came back from work and did nothing, but he didn't know what to do. What, is that the guy? Mr. Wan raised his eyebrows and said that all the people in the village listened to my old man's greeting. If such a thing really happened, the villagers in the village would naturally come out to solve it. But this guy, the whole day does not learn well, thinking about how to get rich overnight, make a lot of money, secretly raising tricks is also a normal thing. If you find him, you will know. At this point, Gao, who had been lying on the mud, suddenly sat up straight and looked at us. Gao Gao's mother was so happy that she rushed over and hugged her child and cried loudly, saying that the child was awake. After crying for a while, the bear child was able to walk, and the men next to him all said, "Oh, it was really a false alarm.". Gao Gao's mother wanted to return home with her baby on her back, and I reached out to stop her. Gao Gao's mother was surprised and asked why she was stopped? I said that your child had been bewitched. Don't see that it's all right to jump around now. In the middle of the night, the poison will turn into snakes, insects, rats and ants, and the whole body will run around in great pain. If you can't solve it, you will die within seven days. Do you dare to go? She looked suspiciously at the old man Wan next to her. The old man nodded and said, "This little brother Lu's words are true. We'd better go to Pockmarked Wang's house.". I didn't know if my golden silkworm could absorb the poison,whirlpool hot tub, but even if it could, I had to wait until I caught up with the murderer, so I followed the crowd along the village road to the west end of the village.