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The death of my companions deeply touched my heart. I wanted to put the sword of Pluto back into the magic array, but unfortunately

Owen shook his head and said, "If you don't say it now, there's no chance.". Wait for me to finish, you must leave here quickly, I do not ask you to remember every word I said, but you must listen carefully, this is related to your future. In addition to the four regular teams, there is a more mysterious team in the killer guild. They are the ones who just intercepted us with a silver skeleton on their chest. They are called meta-killers in the organization. The so-called original killer is the senior level of the killer, they are all over the age of 60, and reached the level of the killer retired killer. The organization will support them for the rest of their lives, of course, because they not only have many years of killer experience, but also have excellent skills, encounter some special tasks, they will still go out. These yuan killers have a very high position in the organization, only the Lord, ah! No, the head of the killer's guild can move them. I don't know the number of people. It shouldn't be too many. I killed six people today. I guess there are six at most. The man with a golden skull embroidered on his chest is the vice president of the killer's guild. You've seen his skill. If I don't use the sword of Pluto,endless pool factory, I can't be his opponent at all. Dumb asks: "Uncle, is that vice president what your enemy?" Owen's blood-red eyes were wide open. "He's just one of them," he said bitterly. "Another one is the president of the killer's guild, who is also called the Lord by all the killers. I've been in the organization for so many years, but I still don't know his true identity. It was he who destroyed my peaceful life and ruined my whole life. His body suddenly spasmed and kept twitching, and his whole body was full of hatred. After a while, Owen continued: "At this point,endless swim spa, I have to tell you the secret about me. Dumb, you untie my front." Dumb was stunned, but he did so. He carefully opened Owen's blood-stained front. There was a crack in his middle coat, which bulged slightly, as if there was something inside. Owen took a deep breath. White light flashed across his face. He managed to press his hand on his back, and his chest bulged. He carefully pulled something out of the crack in his tunic. It was a black leather bag, a long leather belt slanting through the leather bag, a long and thin leather bag about five inches long, a black sword hilt was exposed outside the leather bag, the sword hilt was carved with complex symbols, there was a black gem at the end of the tail, the gem light flowed, and the faint evil gas was constantly emitted. Owen looked at the hilt of the sword with some fascination and sighed, jacuzzi manufacturers ,Whirlpool bathtub, "This is the sword of Hades that my uncle made famous in the mainland." He grabbed the hilt of the sword and took it out of the skin bag. The black scabbard was carved with a lifelike white dragon, but the dragon had no scales, only a skeleton, teeth and claws. It looked very strange, especially in the eyes of the bone dragon. There were two gems shining with blue light, which were taken out of the skin bag. Although they were not sheathed, the evil spirit suddenly flourished. "Dumb still shivered unconsciously even though he had the True Qi to protect his body." This skin has not left my body for nearly forty years. It is from this sword that I am nicknamed the keeper. This sword is the most evil thing in the world. Although it brings me unparalleled strength, it also indirectly destroys my life. That year, I was twenty-seven years old, because of the hard practice of martial arts since childhood, I was already a master. When I was young and frivolous, I liked adventure and wandered around the mainland with a group of friends. In turn, by chance, we enter an ancient secret, which, though full of traps, arouses our interest. After nearly a month of hard work, we finally entered the inside of the secret, which did not have the treasure we imagined, but only a huge magic array. And the sword of Hades hangs high in the array. It was only later that I realized that the purpose of sealing the magic array was to seal the evil spirit of the sword of Hades. We tried a lot of ways, but still failed to break the magic array. For those of us who love adventure, how can we give up? Finally, after more than a month of hard work, we found the hub of the magic array. At the moment when we destroyed the hub, the huge evil gas devoured the lives of my companions, and I was spared because I had been practicing the sacred breath since childhood. The sword of Hades fell in front of me as if it had spirit. The death of my companions deeply touched my heart. I wanted to put the sword of Pluto back into the magic array, but unfortunately, the array has been destroyed and can not be repaired. At that moment, a voice suddenly came from the cave, and even now I can clearly remember that it was the method of transmitting sound left by advanced magic. The voice claimed to be the fourth generation of the Pope, who had accidentally discovered the sword of Hades, but was almost swallowed up by its great evil power. His ability was not enough to destroy the sword, so he had to set up the magic array with several cardinals to seal the sword of Hades. He said that if anyone destroyed the Demon Array, he would become the sinner of the world, and he must not let the evil of the Hades Sword rage, but become the guardian of the Hades Sword. When the Pope first got the Sword of Hades, he got two scrolls together, one of which was the use of the Sword of Hades, and the other scroll, even he could not understand. I counted the time. When I got the sword of Hades, it was at least thousands of years old. You know,endless swimming pool, the Pope is now the twenty-eighth generation. Owen looked excitedly at the sword of evil in his hand and shook his head sadly. The story of the sword of Pluto also aroused Dumb's interest. He could not help asking, "If this sword is so evil, why does uncle still use it?" 。