Is permanent makeup safe?

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When you are tired of applying daily makeup and want to get permanent makeup. But you are afraid of its safety. Here you will get to know if is it really safe.

Permanent makeup is a great way to look good, save time, and be very affordable. But safety is the most important thing. Is permanent makeup safe? If you're considering permanent makeup in Kolkata, this is the first question to ask.

No matter if you want to conceal scarring, darken eyebrows, enhance your eyesight with eyeliner or improve the look of your areolas, safety should be your first concern.

Recently, one of our clients asked us this question:

"I would love to have my lips colored and shaped by your cosmetic tattoo artist. I must apply lipstick every single day. I feel exhausted because I have to reapply it every time I eat or drink. I don't know the exact procedure. Is it safe? Is it safe?

It was the question of many that might make it difficult to decide whether you want to undergo the treatment.

What's Permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup should be called what is actually a tattoo. Cosmetic tattooing, also known as permanent makeup, is the same process as traditional tattooing. Permanent makeup professionals in Kolkata need to use a needle to inject pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to alter the appearance. The most common transformations occur to the lips, eyes, and eyebrows to imitate cosmetics like eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

Although the process is best suited to women, it can also be used by men to fill in bald areas in their hair, moustaches, and beards. They can choose which colors they wish to use, but sometimes clients are under anesthesia for a long-lasting permanent makeup procedure. The immediate results are typically darker than the final results. After several days, the colors begin to lighten. The effects can last up to a year, depending on how long the pigments are used and how much sunlight is received.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Permanent makeup is considered to be safe. It is just as risky as other tattoos. It is important to ensure that you are satisfied with the safety and licensing credentials of the tattoo artist. It is also important to ensure that your technician has new, sterile needles and uses fresh gloves during treatment.

Is permanent makeup painful?

Most people find permanent makeup easy and not too uncomfortable. Anesthetics aren't typically used for traditional tattooing, but they are common in permanent makeup. Your artist will be able to discuss the options. Because most procedures take more than two hours, you should let your technician know if there is any pain beyond what you can handle.


You should also consider hiring a professional permanent makeup artist if you are considering permanent makeup. They will be able to guide you and explain the pros and cons of your skin type as well as the prevailing health conditions. Truly Permanent Makeup is the best permanent makeup studio in Kolkata. You can go there to ask any questions and have permanent makeup procedures performed.