Get Stunning Faux Locs Dreads at Elite Braids + Weaving

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Faux locs are hairstyles that give a stunning dreaded look. Elite Braids + Weaving is the leading hair salon in Houston providing the best faux locs styles. 

With hands-on experience of over 10 years, our hair stylists hold expertise in creating ravishing protective styles for you. Our faux locs process begins with the careful braiding of your hair, subsequent to which we wrap extensions around those braids for realistic locs that flow down from your hair. 

Elite Braids + Weaving has been serving the Houston community with superb protective and natural hairstyles like dreads, braids, crochets, and cornrows. Across all our services, we aspire to encourage women to take up any style they want with utter confidence. 

Faux Locs Categories at Elite Braids + Weaving 

Get a wholesome natural look with faux locs dreads style at our salon. We are experts in creating faux locs and dreads on any length and type of hair in two easy steps:

● Braiding

We carefully create sections of your hair into braids.

● Adding Extensions 

We wrap extensions around each hair strand to achieve the length of dreads you want. 

Contact us and schedule an appointment at one of our salons for flawless faux locs dreads and other protective styles with outstanding results.

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