It's Always the Right Season for a Hawaii Vacation

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By most people's definition, the temperate weather in Hawaii is ideal for vacationing, and Oahu's the most popular destination. Among the 137 Hawaiian Islands, it has the most to see and do. Much of it has to do with natural beauty, yet Pearl Harbor tours generally rank as the number-one attraction. It's one of the most significant military historical sites anywhere on the planet, together with Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. Pearl Harbor is a spot almost everyone touring the Honolulu area will visit. You can arrange a private guided tour if you want to immerse yourself in the experience more fully.

On the flip side, it surprises many people to discover that there are three rainforests on Oahu, and they're formidable in size. If you're a nature hiker, they present many opportunities to be outside and spend a day. The island is slightly under 600 square miles and has a bit more than 225 miles of coastline. It means a lot of beautiful beaches and sea cliffs that are as picturesque as those you'll see anywhere. If you want to try your hand at surfing, you can take lessons on many beaches and might want to visit the Seven Mile Miracle. It's a chain of beaches with the world's best surf breaks – they're awe-inspiring.

Even though there's a lot to do on land, remember to get out on the ocean, and an adventure boat tour is a way to do it. If you're not easily impressed by sightseeing tours, you'll change your mind when aboard an advanced watercraft. Today's tour boats are smooth riding and fast-moving. It means fewer sea sickness feelings for many people, and you can see so much. If marine life is of interest, the waters off the Oahu coast are known for Humpback whales during their December to April migration season. You can also get up-close views of sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and many species of ocean birds.

If you're someone for whom the ideal vacation is sitting under a palm tree and reading a book, there's no better place than Hawaii to do it. You can pick a secluded beach if you want peace and quiet or a more populated one if you like people-watching in the background. You can also switch things up between active touring days and quiet relaxing ones if you are around for a week or more. Many people enjoy their first Hawaiian vacation so much that they return many more times. The peak season is winter from December through April, but there's no reason you can't visit at other times of the year.