The same idea is applicable for the plates

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Dragon Defender wins over dfs because of atk bonuses. Since you're not able to pay cash expl ring zerker since the pray bonus can reduce the number of runescape cheap gold ppots used.. In addition, the emergency free run, teles as well as the ability to alch crap that you receive is very impressive.

If you're like me, and would rather grind melee: Torags plates, Torags legs. They cost approximately 800k-1m.. Degrade to 0 within 15 hours.. Together cost 170k iirc.. Imagine that you're buying Dplate.. Do you know that d plate costs approx 9m? Torags are almost two times more defense (Iirc it's the most effective defence armour in game).. What's the best part? It's frikkin' cute!

If you are able to spend 9m on repair torags utilize them all for total 843.75 hrs. (more than enuff time to reach max melee). the maximum slayer). )... This is the most powerful shizzle you'll get.. It's cheaper if you make use of an armour stand within your home. I can't imagine a reason why you shouldn't use them.

If you're not too concerned with the appearance of your clothes, you (are a sad homo) are able to purchase Veracs skirt to wear with the body of torags.. Similar to leg torags but it's more costly and includes a prayer benefits, so you can make use of it for slaying when u dont want to pray prayers to protect yourself. Dfs is only useful to tank bosses and in battles, as drag def is a lot better due to the epic atk bonuses.

The same idea is applicable for the plates, except that Dragon plates are less expensive. Now, how much does it cost to repair (convenience of repair isn't an issue since there are NPCs that repair in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe, Void Knight Outpost as well as you could also do it in your home)?

It costs 90,000 every 15 hours. It's less if you're working in your house and you actually have a medium smithing level (50 for instance, could cost you 70k). Let's make it a round number and call it 100k the same way we're rounding the price of Torag's to 300k instead of 340k. 1290 = 86*15. This is how many hours of your time you'd have to be 2007 rs gold fighting with these (not even wearing it) prior to spending the same amount on it as you would on a dragon plate body.

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