Features of sugarcane food box

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Nowadays, disposable environmental protection tableware is mainly cornstarch tableware and bagasse tableware, and cornstarch tableware is not widely used.

Nowadays, disposable environmental protection tableware is mainly cornstarch tableware and bagasse tableware, and cornstarch tableware is not widely used. Mainly due to defects such as high cost and insufficiency of foaming, and many unscrupulous merchants will pretend to be shoddy, so this kind of food packaging box is difficult to promote, and many restaurants and restaurants have abandoned the use of cornstarch tableware, preferring to use sugarcane bagasse container, sugarcane bagasse container as a new food packaging can be said to be an ideal food packaging.

sugarcane food box

In fact, bagasse is the slag that is pressed during sugar cane production. Its texture is rough and hard, accounting for about 24%~27% of sugarcane (including about 50% water content). For every ton of cane sugar produced, 2~3 tons of bagasse. Approximate analysis of wet bagasse shows that bagasse is rich in cellulose and less in lignin, so bagasse has great advantages as a fiber raw material.

At present, there are mature technologies using bagasse as an alternative raw material for wood to produce paper packaging products, fully degradable sugarcane food boxes, and paper dining utensils. Among them, sugarcane food box uses 100% bagasse pulp, which can be recycled for papermaking and can be naturally degraded. It can solve the problem of white pollution caused by the use of polystyrene plastic tableware for many years. It is considered to be the most promising new achievement.

The chemical composition of bagasse is similar to that of wood, and it is a good raw material for board making. Production of high-density composites using bagasse resources. Due to the small specific gravity of bagasse and the good fiber quality, the obtained board has high strength and light weight, and the produced board and profile are free from biological damage, low water absorption, and not corroded by seawater; good fire resistance and good resistance It has good mechanical processing performance and decorative performance, and is suitable for furniture, construction, carriages, ships, packaging boxes and other production industries.

The environmentally friendly sugarcane food box produced by Hengtong is die-cast from plant puree, without chemical additives, without bleaching process, safe and healthy, and can be directly contacted with food.

When we use the microwave to heat it, it will not volatilize, and the heated food will be more warm and not hot. Built-in lamination film, waterproof and oil-proof, the cover snap design is not afraid of leakage, and it can also be refrigerated.

Our sugarcane food box has been successfully exported to Europe, America and more than 30 other regions. In line with the concept of quality first, the company is pragmatic, dedicated and innovative, and is committed to developing into an eco friendly food packaging production, RD and sales enterprise that is in line with environmental development.

As a professional food paper box supplier, we support export and foreign trade, with complete certification, the products are suitable for eco friendly food packaging, light food, french fries set platter, cake box packaging, pizza takeaway and other purposes!


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