Lost Ark Peyto Island Guide - How to Complete the Una's Tasks 

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Items in Lost Ark will help you on your journey and will allow you to travel through the game with ease. However, every time you travel to a new island, you need to know where and how to find these Quests. Our Peyto Lost Ark guide will show you how to complete all the major and minor Quests on the island.

What is Lost Ark Peyto Island?

Peyto Island is an island in Lost Ark. Complete any activities on the island, and you will get lost ark gold, Tokens, Lost Ark Items needed to upgrade equipment, and a lot of other rewards. Therefore, Peyto Island is also more popular in lost Ark.

lost Ark Peyto Island is located in the east-central part of the Gina Sea. You can also head southeast of mainland North Fern or head north of Loping Island to Peyto. Once inside Peyto Island, you'll find it filled with quests and activities.

How to get Peyto Island Token?

Island Tokens are the ultimate reward you can earn in Peyto's Lost Ark. To get the token, you need to complete the main quest "Finally Done". This is the longest quest on the island and you need to have the emote: Roar to complete it. Roar can be obtained by completing different Una quests or by purchasing the emote from Liberty Island using Gienah.

Una's Tasks on Peyto Island

Una's tasks are also the main tasks of Peyto Lost Ark, so to complete the island tasks, Una's tasks cannot be ignored. Peyto Island has a total of 4 Una quests. Each of these missions will give you 10 tokens upon completion.

Una's quests also have a level system. Complete a certain number of tasks to advance to the next level. Each level up unlocks new prizes and rewards that you can unlock. All the rewards for the best single-player classes are pretty good, so you can use them regardless of your class. Here are Peyto Una's tasks:

A Hard Day At Work

A Hard Day At Work is the first task. You can start this quest by going to the Ship Deck area in Peyto. Once there, you will head to the bar area and serve people drinks. After serving the drink, you must remove the sawdust and catch the rat that is eating the serving. For this part of the mission, you have to go to the Shipyard.

Next, you will have to go to the market area and clean the display case. Once these are processed, head over to Gambler Caze to collect your daily pay. This is a level 1 mission, so you'll be rewarded with 10 Una Tokens and 2,000 Pirate Coins.

Another Hard Day At Work

Another Hard Day At Work is Tier 2 of the first mission. You will have to perform all the same tasks, but you will get better rewards. Completing this quest will give you 30 Yuna Tokens and 6,000 Pirate Coins.

Everything Circles Back Around

By completing Tier 3 of the Una quest, you will be rewarded with 50 tokens. You'll also get an extra 10,000 Pirate Coins and a stat-boosting potion. This Stat Potion is very powerful because it can upgrade the properties of the Lost Ark Class.

Dance Time Redux

Dance Time Redux is Una's last mission on Peyto. This is a Tier 4 mission, so you can earn 80 tokens to complete it. Plus, you'll get 16,000 Pirate Coins, Table Crafting Recipes, and Agility Potion.

Ride Like the Wind To Unlock Eurus

Ride Like the Wind is a bonus quest for Una that allows you to unlock Eurus. The Eurus is the second fastest ship in the game and is mentioned in our list of the best ships in Lost Ark. It's an exploration-based mission, which means you'll have to travel to different islands on the map.

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