To earn Grateful Offerings the players need to unlock their Anima Conductor

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The currency used to purchase rewards at the Venown wow classic tbc gold  store is known as Grateful Offerings, and they can be obtained through the transfer of Anima back into significant areas of Covenant's home world. The residents of those areas will receive three Grateful Offerings per activity generated by the area. Players will need to gain access to this Anima Conductor Sanctum upgrade and utilize some Anima as well as Redeemed Souls in order to gain enough Grateful Offerings to buy each cosmetic the Covenant has to offer such as the Covenant-specific mount and armor sets, sigils and weapons, and much more. Here's how to earn Grateful Offerings for World of warcraft TBC.

To earn Grateful Offerings the players need to unlock their Anima Conductor. They will then need to build it inside their Covenant's Sanctum. This process is normally completed after the player has completed the first chapter in their Covenant's mission. Depending on when players choose to buy this upgrade, it's likely to cost 1000 Anima plus One Redeemed Soul.

The Anima Conductor is able to direct Anima streams to areas in the Covenant's home world. This is especially beneficial since according to legend it has been an Anima drought that has closed off Anima streams from various places within The World of warcraft TBC. If a player directs a stream of Anima to a specific area, they will unlock new daily and world quests, along with treasures and enemies to transform the area into a living one.

Players are able to access two activities but they are only able to access just one stream, making it possible to access one activityper all day, every. A daily login will technically allow players to participate in both of the activities, since the rewards earned from each activity reset at the daily reset as well as the time of the activity until the time it's initiated. It's a good idea to do this as each activity awards 3 Grateful Offerings. Players must also be aware that they will have to shell out some of their Anima in order to open streams. Each one costs 25 Anima out of Buy wow classic tbc gold  Sanctum's reserve when the stream ceases to function, players must pay another 25 Anima to open it again and gain access to the area again.