Ravenous Gorm, which is sometimes located near the Decayed Husk.

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The different Covenant zones in World of warcraft TBC contain numerous treasures as well as hidden secrets for players to find But the majority aren't too wow classic tbc gold  difficult to locate. Certain, like for instance, the Secret Treasure in Revendreth or the Faerie Stash in Ardenweald are more obscure and hence more difficult to locate. Another treasure located in Ardenweald The Decayed Husk treasure, is difficult to find if originates from one of two underground places.

There are four places in which players can find that Decayed Husk treasure. Two of them, in the Crumbled Ridge (72.81. 28.81) and Tirna Noch (66.57. 53.22) are easier to find because they are above ground. However, the two other possible locations, the Gormhive and the Creeping Hive both are more difficult to locate because they're underground, with tunnels as well as secret passages that take a player more time to discover and navigate their way through. Here's how you can find the Decayed Husk Treasure in World of warcraft TBC.

The players can spot The Decayed Husk Treasure marked on their map. It is identified by a small treasure chest marker. When players find out that the Treasure is being spawned in Gormhive. It'll usually appear at coordinates 53.23. 78.43 underground.

For access to in the Decayed Husk Treasure at Gormhive players must locate the entrance to the tunnel located at 54.04. 76.30. They'll need to travel inside though they shouldn't have to travel far. When they discover corpses, skeletons and even some Ravenous Larvae that they want to take down, they're in the right spot. In the middle of a large room, they'll discover that Decayed Husk. If they touch it, it will grant them access to the treasure it holds.

If the player notices the marker for the Decayed Husk Treasure at the Creeping Hive Then they'll need to make their way to the cave entrance to 54.93. 49.78. The Treasure is located on 54.36. 49.72. Once more, players won't require to go through the tunnel that far to find the Decayed Husk and access the Treasure. They'll still need to dispatch some enemies to secure their treasure.

Below-ground Decayed Husks aren't completely safe. At the Crumbled Ridge players should be ready for numerous massive Gorms who will attack whenever players approach the Treasure. At Tirna Noch, players will want to be careful of a large, Ravenous Gorm, which is sometimes located near the Decayed Husk.

Its contents in the decayed Husk Treasure vary but often include Silver and Gold Conduits, Weapons or Weapons. All players in any Covenant can find this treasure and the Faerie Stash treasures, but won't be able to access another secret Ardenweald treasure, which is cheap wow tbc gold  called the Dim Lunarlight Pod Treasure. It's only accessible if the Anima flow is directed to the Glitterfall Basin region, meaning only those who have chosen to join the Night Fae Covenant can reach it.